Blue dogs in Mumbai, a case of alarming pollution –

In the indian city of Bombay the dogs wore a new color: blue. This was not intended as a joke nor it comes from some crazy idea of an artist. It is a product of the pollution that comes from a factory in the area that pulls large amounts of waste to the river, where the animals take and looking for food. Were affected by at least five dogs.

The images of the blue dogs, which went around the world through social networks, were shared by an association to advocate for animals in the township of Navi mumbai Mombay. «We have detected around five dogs here. It was awful to see how the white fur of them had become completely blue,» told the daily Hindustan Times Arati Chauhan, director of the protective of animals.

The entity filed a complaint with the Board of Control of the local Pollution burden to a company for dumping waste chemicals directly into the river Kasadi. The public body investigated the case and confirmed that several dogs had been dyed blue due to that ingested a product that uses the signature to give color to their detergents. The officials gave him seven days to clean up the area and remove the stain that was downloaded.

Chauhan confirmed this Tuesday, in its account of Facebook that the dogs are coming back to their white color thanks to the rain, but I still have infections in the eyes. Although the factory has put bars to prevent the passage of animals, the dogs are still drinking water with chemical waste that runs by the river. «This is the reality in every industrial area. It is necessary to take conscience», has written the activist warning of the risks this contamination also to the workers who have suffered eye problems and headaches.

In this industrial area known as Taloja on the outskirts of Mumbai, there are 76,000 people in 977 factories of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, engineering and food processing, according to data from the foundation transparency Watchdog, cited by the Hindustan Times. According to this newspaper, the river Kasadi has levels of pollution 13 times higher than acceptable. India is one of the most polluted countries in the world, according to data from the World Health Organization.

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