Blue dogs walking in India due to contaminated river –

The reason would be in the river Kasadi, which is close to the industrial area of Taloja, a city in indian Navi Mumbai which has around 1,000 factories of pharmaceutical and food products that pour waste into the river. This fact was verified by a organization for the protection of animals Navi Mumbai, then you know the fact through the social networks stating that a private company used the blue food coloring in products such as detergents that eventually flow into the river.

In this regard, the board of control of industries to local, spoke on the matter, suggesting that if they have knowledge of the claim: “toPermit the discharge of dye in any body of water is illegal. We are going to take measures against the polluters, who are destroying the environment”.

Leading activists of the animal rights believe that the contamination could have reached not only stray dogs, but also birds and reptiles.

The factories in the area argued that they have put up fencing so that the dogs can’t go, however, many of these animals take water from this river very contaminated.

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