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In the city of Mumbai, state of Maharastra) the emergence of a number of stray dogs with a blue hue in their skin has aroused the concern of the local authorities and the organizations protecting animals.

As reported by the local daily ‘the Hindustan’, the unusual coloration of the canes is related to the contamination of a river next to the city. There are discharges of industrial waste which for a long time that the water is unsuitable for human consumption. However, in this the animals drink, swim and search for food.


The images of one of these blue dogs were published last week on social networks and allowed environmental groups to file a complaint with the Board of Pollution of Maharastra. It is expected that close to 1,000 industries, pharmaceutical and food, among others, are responsible for the state of the river.

Officers of animal protection have urged the authorities to take severe measures, as the problem has also affected the fishermen of the area. The water, they complain, can be «extremely dangerous» for the people. Environmental reports indicate that the extent of contamination has come to be 13 times higher than the permitted limit.

Although complaints have been submitted on multiple occasions and, according to inhabitants of the area, the odors have been reduced, the control entities are continuing to investigate.

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