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Perros callejeros de Neiva serán recogidos para evitar proliferación de Lleishmaniasis

With the purpose of continue with the contingency plan that seeks to minimize and stop the presence of visceral leishmaniasis in the Municipality of Neiva, the ministry of Health with the endorsement of the Association Advocate for Animal and Environmental Police will start collecting stray dogs that may potentially be the reservoir of the disease.

“Within the socialisation that was carried out, the health authority took the decision to capture stray dogs, who remain on the street and having bad health conditions evidencing the carrying of the disease, to which they shall be subject to the humane euthanasia,” reported the secretary of health, Nancy Milena Aya.

These canines that are in the street, they shall be subject to the established protocol to implement the euthanasia, as well as a certificate where you specify the reasons for which they are sacrificing this animal and the photographic record where it is evident the state of the canine at the time of capture.

The collection of canines will start in the communes where there have been cases of visceral leishmaniasis as the area of Loma de San Pedro and the Community Farms of the commune 9, San Bernardo, in the municipality 10 and the comuna 8 in the settlement Divine Child and subsequently involving other sites of the city to prevent the endemic area to expand.

“Likewise we continue with the presence of the team of the ministry of Health by census and checking the health status of children under 5 years who are more susceptible to the disease, it intensifies the implementation of protocols in the IPS by the medical staff and the verification of the status of the canines in these areas,” said the official.

The collection of canines the made directly with the Secretariat of Health with veterinary experts and the personnel assigned to zoonoses, in addition to the accompaniment and support of the Police and the Environmental Association an Advocate for Animals.

The call is to the community to be aware of the canines that are in the street if you show any symptoms of the disease, such as lacerations on the skin, long nails, malnourished, hair falling out, and conjunctivitis) to notify the health authority to proceed to its collection.

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