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The problem of stray dogs is common throughout the region and each Municipality must provide a response to the question. In coral Reefs, the Councilor of «Reefs», Daniela Zabalúa, introduced in the legislative field the proposal for the creation of a Municipal Shelter for Animals.

In your ordinance Zabalúa explains, according to realize the portal Reefs News:

-That the growth of the problem of stray dogs and abandoned a long time ago has exceeded human capacity, and economic infrastructure of the Society for the protection of Animals, “Crystal”.

-That this situation is a risk both to the life of the dogs (due to lack of food, illness, accidents or abuse), as to the integrity of motocilistas, cyclists and pedestrians, especially children, which eventually are attacked by some specimens.

-That the provincial law 14346 of Animal Protection, in its article 2, considers as acts of ill-treatment «do not feed in sufficient quantity and quality to domestic animals».

-The Municipality of Reefs account with an Address of Zoonoses whose duty it is to implement a proper policy zoonotic to provide for the over-exploitation of animals on the street that are causing illnesses and accidents, both for themselves and for the people. It should contain those animals in a Shelter in which the city State is a participant.

The project, in its first article, indicates to the Municipal Executive Department the “building on the Reefs, the Municipal Shelter Animals, giving you a strong and definitive support from the State to the hard work done by the humane Society of the Reefs with a lot of sacrifice and scarce means”.

The rest of the members of the Deliberative Council had the pass to committee for study.

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