Street dogs: put the bell the cat – The Andes (Argentina)

Abandoned irretrievably, on all sides we find large amounts of loose dogs. They represent a potential risk to human health but as delicate as it is that they are victims of a cruel mistreatment, lack of food, shelter and veterinary care.

Roam in search of a bite and sleep in wherever they find a space conducive to. Many are sick, other past of hunger, however, that many sensitive people feed them and try to protect.

Luckily for these critters, there are the associations of protective animals that, in our environment, there are several and very effective, who are in charge of puppies abandoned, bitches, pregnant, in heat or pregnant, animals hit by a car. To all attending, assuming the costs of health, care and maintenance, that are not economic. Sometimes, the members of these entities are carried in their mobilities to the operating room to be sterilized, and then contain them until they can be located.

But these civil groups, which, we reiterate, are several in our community and very active, not overwhelmed with all of the requirements to which they are subjected.

To get out of this crossroads -the can without owner on the public highway – it must be that the provincial government will become more involved and to promote with intensity campaigns on the abuse of the dogs, the promotion of the neutering and the adoption responsible for the part of the inhabitants.

We argue that the two best things you can do to combat the plight of thousands of dogs abandoned, are adopting responsible and sterilization.

On the one hand, be in charge of an animal would help reduce the number of «furry» vagabonds and at the same time, a step against the sale of animals, which should be discouraged.

The castration is not only directed to the abandoned dogs, reducing the chances of various illnesses, but also those with the owner, and that can occasionally get lost and continue with the propagation of the species.

We’re not going to deny that a number of municipalities carried out with effort operating of sterilization free, massive and sustained. But, while facing these campaigns, is not ordained nor sufficient. If there is an integration of actions with the protective, the results would be much more auspicious. In this sense, a proposal is that vehicles that perform the interventions remained more time in the neighborhoods where there are super-population of dogs and cats.

Also it would be fitting that the municipalities could, in spite of the budgetary constraints that accredit, assist with allocations of money to the organizations that are in charge of providing shelter to stray dogs, as they, and as we have stated, do what the State should and does not do. And if they could not give them money for their mission, it would be sufficient for them to given food and infrastructure, since many shelters seem to taperas and that condition is denatured a little bit of his work.

Despite the progress in the different legislations, it will take time to get all the communes concerned as it is because of the homeless animals. And even more time until all the people understand that pets are not objects that are used and thrown away, as can be seen, sadly, in many areas of Cacheuta, El Challao, or the way to Villavicencio, to name a few places.

To raise awareness among the population, the same thing that is done, saving the distances, with the promotion of road safety, animal health, will be of great utility to access to a stepping stone in the quality of life in general.

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