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By: Erick Miranda


After the severe earthquakes that shook the City of Mexico for the past 7 and 19 September, and that after these were recorded and about 40 buildings collapsed, the dogs trained for search and rescue were an essential part of the emergency services, who managed to call the attention of the national and international level.

Rescue dogs, the unsung heroes of the quakes - Mexico's Daily (press Release) (blog) 1

And, although the canines more recognized to be shepherds, or husbandmen, as the cases of “Frida”, “Titan” and “Eco”, of the Secretary of the Navy, as well as “Pánuco” and “Pasta”, the National Army, the instructor of thesection Canine of the National Committee for Search and Rescue of Civil Aircraft SAR Mexico, Alejandro Sánchez, explained that “this is not an exclusivity of races or a kind of elitism among them.”

Given that in Mexico about 80% of the dogs rescuers are volunteers, he explained, only is need skills and physical and cognitive. In the physical sense, “it requires a medium size and a weight of no more than 25 pounds, because it allows them to enter certain scenarios, by their displacement in four points, in which a person could not be admitted”, he noted.

For the cognitive side “needs to be social and collaborative, be good with people and with dogs of the same species, as well as with other breeds with which you might collaborate”.

Rescue dogs, the unsung heroes of the quakes - Mexico's Daily (press Release) (blog) 2

Also, the rescuer in active he said that for a dog to be able to operate in a rescue unit must go through a training partnership of aromas (on the method of stimulus-response), which can last from six months to a year and a half, depending on the frequency with which it is trained, but the dog only comes to be formed completely during the actual incidents.

During the first eight years of life, “the effective working hours of a rescue dog during a day vary according to the institution; however, the most advisable thing would be periods of up to 30 minutes for 90 of rest, with the possibility to work with or without shields, and subsequently a visit to the vet,” he said.

On the other hand, and with 12 years of experience in the industry, canine, Alejandro Sanchez said that when a dog rescuer are removed by the age of their work does not should be separated completely from the physical activity, because it “declines your mood and is depressed completely, because they are trained by game or by liking and instead of benefit them descansándolos it hurts them, even emotionally.”

Rescue dogs, the unsung heroes of the quakes - Mexico's Daily (press Release) (blog) 3

In Mexico, there are more than 300 binomials canines attached to institutions and national agencies; however, there are also thousands of companion dogs are trained and willing to collaborate voluntarily when the country requires it.

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