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The veterinary doctor Ricardo Bruno is recognized in Argentina and abroad. Specializes in behaviorism or behavior of the animal and constantly travels around the country giving speeches and doing workshops.

Some years ago, came to El Calafate invited by the protective «TAMA». “I was greatly impressed by the amount of loose dogs that I saw,” he recalled.

Consulate on the recent dog attacks pitbull people -one mortal in Caleta Olivia, and another occurred in El Calafate-, Bruno mentioned that this race, in particular, have a genetic load of aggression is very high and beyond your genetics, “the main problem is in the profile of the people that you like the pitbull”.

Studying several cases of attacks by pit bull, it was determined that in the majority of cases, their owner was a person of conduct violent. “My experience tells me that people and especially men that have a degree of violence, are drawn to this type of race,” he said.

Bruno warned that these attacks are “something that every time is going to give with more frequency”, due to the violent nature that is taking society.

The specialist emphasized that “the national authorities, provinces and municipalities would have to take care of this, because this is a public health problem”. The phrase also comes up the problem of loose dogs that is very present in El Calafate and other cities in the patagonian region, and, in general, at the national level.

Ricardo Bruno said that “the real solution comes about through education”, that people understand that you have to assume a responsibility of having a pet and must comply with the rules. In this sense it is said that “Argentina is full of good laws that are never kept or fulfilled. In reality by applying the laws that are already reached,” in order to reverse this situation.

In this sense he said that “the State has to take action in the matter” to work on solving this issue, since “The State as an alderman, should convene a work table and do something to find a solution. And the society has to accompany that,” he said.

The vet said he was in favour of a tightening of the penalties to owners of pets aggressive. “The owner would have to be the criminal responsible for your animal. Then people would start to think a little bit more,” he said.

Euthanasia mass

In some cities that go through this problem, there arise opinions stating that before the uncontrolled growth of the canine population that has reached, should be applied to euthanasia to mass as a way to reduce it drastically.

On the issue clarified that “as a veterinarian and lover of animals I would pity you did that”. But he stressed that ”if there is to make shelters as applicable, to sterilize the animals, educate the society and above all punish those who do not follow the rules.

“Doing all these things while the problem can be solved in ten years”, and added that “if it were to pass a massive killing of animals, and not all the rest in less than two or three years, has the same population of dogs,” due to the reproduction rate. (Now, Calafate)

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