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Tulancingo, Hidalgo.- Working and thoroughly reviewed the proposed alternates to enhance the Regulation of Pet ownership, in Tulancingo.
“We have gotten a lot of hands and have not known how to land the things as they should be; not discarded good intentions, but it goes beyond that, for knowledge, a desire for wanting to change things and love for animals”.
So estimated by Alejandro Zúñiga Pollack, who chairs World Always Living and Moving Animal of Mexico and International, and is an advocate, tireless in the care and preservation of living beings.
The young man, who has the support of international organizations animal of various countries, says that from several months ago has been working on the topic.
It is a complex issue that requires the sum of wills.
The document has many gaps, therefore it is important to involve a good amount of people and different groups that all provide what is indispensable, and as true connoisseurs of the topic: veterinarians, environmentalists, animalists, and protective shelters.
Zúñiga added that there are some concepts that can not be used in the current document, which has to be valuated carefully.
There must be a responsible tenure, and also should be analyzed the fact of the animal protectors, which have great and good intentions, but without a doubt, they must also be such as “figure responsible” in the document.
“We focus a lot to talk about and propose on pets, not so much to encroach on wildlife animals, because it is another topic, but nor neglect them, in fact we are seeing the topic of the Zoo and we want to make a query on this space fauna that has many reports against you.”
Also have you settled the sale of animals in public ways, something that should not be.
The interviewee added that we should like to include the topic of trafficking of species.
Showed its concern for this city of Tulancingo “considered” is red light.
“Federal authorities, state and municipal governments can do something about it, implementing checkpoints in this pathway,” he said.
“We intend that as soon as you have a meeting with the municipal president, Fernando Pérez, in order to reach agreements on both parties both animalistic as well as the government of what is best for the animals.”
The analysis and the proposal are already covering many topics ever considered.
“I hope we are listened to and involved, absolutely all.
“Even you should check what the fights in the underground and that is not stigmatized to the races.
«We are becoming «especistas» and you simply also condemn races, when really the race is not the problem, it’s the people».
Should be a comprehensive proposal, completed Alejandro Zúñiga.

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