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The cold night of June 27, 2014, “Peti”, a horse mestizo 8 years, pulling a cart loaded with cardboard boxes down the center of the city, but when you get to Soler to 200 not endured more and it fell collapsed.

In bad condition, malnourished and thirsty, the supportive attitude of several people, in addition to the intervention of veterinary and protectionist, allowed to provide him with medications and achieve, an hour later, he again stand up.

Such a sad situation, paradoxically, saved my life.

The authorities determined that it is not returned to its owner -who was sentenced by the justice, Correctional – and that a little more than three years in that situation your story has a denouement.

After passing through the field of a woman who took care of him for a while and the facilities of the Squadron of Cavalry of the buenos Aires province Police, in both cases in the form of a sequestrator, recently was granted the adoption of the animal to Fernando Dorado, owner of a rural establishment located in the south of the province, where “Peti” will continue its life in a natural environment and without being subjected to any kind of task.

What happened not only changed its reality, but at that time settled the debate on the use of equines for informal picking of waste, and determined the enactment of an ordinance, which remains in force, prohibiting the traction to blood in the ejido urban of the city.

“It is a story of a horse that was destined to die if he continued in those conditions, and that today he is happy, and in a field where you will be free of all abuse. The society has to see that you can get these things with the intervention and collaboration of different sectors of the community. In this case, since the first day helped individuals and institutions”, considered the secretary of the general prosecutor’s office, Santiago Garrido.

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The fall of the horse on the pavement, did not go unnoticed to the people there walked.

The phone call to the vet Raul Cohen (has its office in the vicinity), the publication of a photograph in a portal of Facebook and the notice to organizations protectionist of animals led to put in place the different mechanisms for this type of situations.

“The doctor who came in the first term you provided the medication that after helped to be able to put it back on its feet. Also arrived the veterinarian Roberto Giménez, who by then was at the forefront of Veterinary medicine and Zoonósis of the commune, who evaluated the horse and determined how bad it was,” explained Garrido.

As mentioned the failure of the short trial, by which the holder of the Court in Correctional facility No. 4, Maria Laura Pinto de Almeida Castro, condemned the 20 may 2016 to Alfredo Ricardo Parfenchuk to three months in prison, which were converted to 180 hours of community work, “Peti” was “malnourished, with respiratory distress, dehydrated and in very bad general state”.

Even, other witnesses pointed out that it was shod poorly and had open sores in your mouth by the incorrect placement of the straps.

The judge labeled the acts as a violation of articles 1 and 2 of the law 14.346 on ill-treatment and acts of animal cruelty.

Luciana Gonzalez, who through the social networks took knowledge of the situation and jointly took care of the horse for ten months, said, “I love animals and could not turn a blind eye”.

“I found out, I grabbed the truck with the trailer and went up to the centre to look for him. When I arrived he was already standing, but was in very bad conditions. At that time I thought I didn’t spend the night.”

Indicated that they attended, provided with vitamins and “luckily recovered fast.”

In the meantime, the commissioner inspector Carlos Alejandro Rosano, chief of the squadron local Cavalry of the buenos aires province police, said that “the animal was very mistreated and have followed the same way I would have died”.

The division collaborated with the office of the prosecutor to condition a site to host it.

“When he arrived he was already better, and gave him a place. We began to take care of and was given the same treatment as a horse of the Police. We provided food and veterinary care”.


“See what happened with this horse is a huge satisfaction and makes you feel that all this worth it. Many times one is frustrated to see that for some you can not do anything, but having saved one as honours,” said Nora Heck, president of the Protective Association of Animals from the South (APAS).

The entity that he heads was responsible for reporting the case to justice and set in motion the causes that led the prosecutor Olga Herro, with the collaboration of the instructor, Martina Trillini.

“We learned to view the article in the networks and the news, then turned, made a report and from there we move on to be the depositaries-judicial. `Peti was almost ten months in the nursery of Luciana González, to whom we are deeply grateful for their collaboration, because they took care of everything. It is a motivation very large and gives us joy to see how he is after what happened. Thanks to the intervention of several people, this came to a good port”.

APA also undertook to find the man who he was assigned for the adoption of the specimen by means of a judicial resolution.

Heck was that, from what happened to the people that use horses “have realized that they can’t do anything with the animal.”

“We believe that the issue is less the sight, because we no longer circulate through the center, but there is still abuse. Anyway, it also helped that many people have become aware. If the horse is your working tool, with which we do not agree, you see fewer and fewer cases of animals abused”.

He ended by saying that “there were many kidnappings of horses, then that makes people care a little more.”

«All of this generates consciousness»

From the office of the prosecutor bahiense consider the case of “Peti” caused a change of perception with respect to animal abuse.

They argue that the judicial intervention and making resolutions encourages people to further engage with the topic.

It should be noted that from 13 June 2014 the Public Ministry of the Judicial Department of Bahía Blanca has a dedicated office to intervene in cases of this type.

Photo: Emmanuel Briane-LN.

“As a policy of criminal prosecution the attorney-general, John Paul Fernandez available at that time, the creation of a Bureau of Animal Abuse to set the tone of this crime also matters, and that is referred to in the law since 1954”, described the secretary of the local prosecutor’s office, Santiago Garrido.

He added that “we are convinced that the application of penalties, makes the validity of the rules. Now that there are sanctions, hijack the horses and do not return, all this generates consciousness”.

In the same way, assured that “the fact of knowing that really does something that causes the community to participate. Any person who is faced with a case of animal abuse must intervene.”

Finally, Florence Benitez, a member of the Bureau of Animal Abuse, said that “it is a motivation very large and gives us a lot of joy. It is amazing to see `Peti after all what he suffered”.

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