Asks APA to the citizens to report aggressive dogs – The Morning of Nuevo Laredo

NUEVO LAREDO.- Kill the dog that attacked the young man and the teenager, it was not the best way to act in response to this situation, as that action falls into the animal abuse, so said María Jiménez, president of the Association for the protection of Animals (APA).

“My opinion does not mean that I agree in the assault, or puts the welfare of the animal, in any way,” said Mary Jimenez.

In this situation recommended that the president of APA, the best thing is that the adults stop the animal with any string, and return it to the appropriate authorities, whether it is the anti-rabies or the association on behalf of the animals.

Information gathered points out that the violent animal had an owner, but he refused to have it locked up or on leash, and often “frightened” passers-by.

That is why Mary Jimenez, calls on citizens to act responsibly, reporting to the animals aggressive to the Centre anti-rabies or the protective.

“It hurts Me that they have been two young men who were attacked by the dog, but it was not the form, is the Central anti-rabies who decides whether to sacrifice or what you must proceed with the animal, because there was abuse to the can by to lynch him”, put forward.

She reiterated that she does not support the dog for having attacked the children, but do not agree in the way that they acted the adults linchando the animal.

“If we were to report to us as protective, we’re going to the address, speak with the owners and try to raise their awareness, in order to avoid this type of situations,” added María Jiménez.

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