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After the attack from a jaguar to a sloth in the municipal zoo, the representative of the Society for the protection of Animals (Soprama), Sandro, Fernández, announced that it will ask for the closing of the ride and the transfer of the animals to a biopark.

“The zoo should be closed, have to be transferred the animals to a biopark where they can develop according to their nature,” Fernandez said to the news agency ABI.

Fernández believes that the incident occurred more than a week left in evidence that there are flaws in the security aspect, but in addition, asked to consider that the confinement of the animals is unconstitutional, since the Magna Carta states that every living being has the right to a healthy environment and to develop according to their nature.

The attack of the jaguar was made public, after a visitor shared a video in which you see the animal biting down on one of the legs of the lazy, which was on the other side of the cage the cat, hanging on the mesh. Both animals are in a good state of health.

An isolated fact
The administrator of such allocation municipal, Yésica Calvo, said to THE DUTY that this is an isolated incident and ruled that the zoo there is overcrowding or that the animals suffer for lack of food or security.

Calvo indicated that the zoo has with game wardens, security guards and veterinarians (not specified the number), which run through the different areas, but at the time of the incident the guard was making his rounds and once he realized what was happening, intervened.

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