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Adrian Hurwitz said that the work that you did for three years in a protective of animals, it would be viable to move it to Peak. As part of the approach, proposed the chipeado of dogs, the creation of an animal hospital and a place where live dogs that are not adopted.
The piquense Adrian Hurwitz told about the work that he made during little more than three years in an association for the protection of animals in Israel and analyzed the situation of the street dogs in General Pico. In this regard, it referred to the measures that might be taken to give you a quick solution to the problem and that would make the city an obligatory reference to the provincial and local levels, in terms of protectionism animal.
“I worked for three and a half years in a protective animal that was a non-profit association that worked to the pair of the municipality, which has a public hospital for the people of low resources. When they were overwhelmed, we were called to make catches or castration of dogs and cats. We were looking for animals on the street, they did the neutering and releasing the cats in the area where they were rescued and dogs sought to give them in adoption,” he said.
The interviewee indicated that it applied a system of work “very good” could be implement in a Peak, which included castration and the chipeado of stray animals. “It was everything from the arrival of the dogs of the street, as heal them, vaccinate them and desparasitarlos. There is mandatory that a dog has chip and if it doesn’t, it puts it in quarantine if you have any disease until it reaches the period in which it is suitable to adopt it,” he said.
“Then it is castration, because every dog that enters the shelter has to leave with all vaccinations, castrated and chipeado. I worked for three and a half years in Israel, we had no financial support from the State, but us out with donations of private individuals”, he added.

Work during the “Sabbath”.
Hurwitz told that the guardian had a salary and performing the activities more diverse, such as to capture the street dogs, cleaning the cages, giving them food and medication as relevant and, in some cases, to perform maintenance tasks as solder, and others. During the period in which he worked in Israel, until I slept in the protective, since the day of rest (Sabbath), had no public transport to return to home that was 35 miles away from your place of work. Then he slept on the floor next to the cages of the animals.
“Do not consider it as a job because it is something that I like and when you like what you enjoy. As I love both animals, you even slept in the protective. There during the Sabbath you do not have transport and I had to stay in the association. Although the days of rest was not open to the public, but dogs you have to clean them, feed them, attend to those who are operated. There are 350 living beings who are under your responsibility,” he said.

Situation dog on Peak.
The protectionist piquense also referred to the canine overpopulation found himself back in General Pico, and the different measures that should be taken to begin to address it.
“I came to Peak and I found myself with this situation, which is all a chaos. I spoke with the mayor (John Joseph Rainone), I told him I had no experience, but I had two meetings and nothing more came of it. I am tired of putting chips, is something of two seconds, and if a dog is aggressive he puts the muzzle, it will fluff up the leather and is placed on the chip, which is the size of a grain of rice,” he said.
In terms of castrations that take place in the city, said that “there is a hole very big” and said that it would be viable to complete the project of a public hospital canine in the that worked the councillor in charge of local, Mariano Sánchez, who would have a guard of emergencies, 24 hours a day.
“They are putting together a project for a municipal hospital as well as in Israel and there are things viable. If you get the account of all the dogs that castran, there should be almost puppies. There is that to make a record, well done, because if you castrás 100 dogs per month, and many years ago that castration, at some point you are going to cut,” he said.

Chipeado and animal control.
Finally, it referred to works that could be made to carry out an approach in line of the problem, and that would put the city at a reference site.
“To improve in Peak, it would have to do things well, to make a chipeado and a control, maintain a register in line, I even have plans to make the cages. There is a place for dogs that do not have an owner, because of more than 5 years of age no one wants to adopt. Then let’s make a place for those dogs that are not adopted and have a right to live, there is land where they can do”, he explained.
“Some countries have a kind of mount where they are separated the dogs large, medium, small and aggressive, and live free with a person who is going to care for them. You can do a lot of things, there are many qualified people here and that Peak could be a reference to the provincial and local levels in the animal theme,” he concluded.

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