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Tegucigalpa, Honduras
“From love to hate there is only a small step,” reads a worn proverb, but with these playful, furry, colmilludos and fierce dogs, the equation is to the contrary.

Some fear them, others hate them, but there are those who only feel for the dogs pitbull is a true and sincere love.

Proof of this is that in the country there are at least 13 associations of pit bulls that help the owners of these dogs to educate them so that they can channel their power and energy.

One of them is the Association Pitworld, which trains about 50 dogs in the field of sector 5, colonia Hato Enmedio.

“We started six years ago, we were a group of friends that the only thing we had in common were dogs and we wanted to know what we could do with them,” said Douglas Garcia, one of the founders of the association.

As the days passed, the group grew and became one of the associations largest in the country. Another one of the characteristics of Pitworld is that they rescue dogs that their owners have abandoned, in addition, they compete with their pets in national championships.

Race, vertical climb, jump distance, jump free, structure, and beauty are some of the disciplines that can be practiced to the dogs so-called “strong races”, especially the pit bulls.


Every Sunday, from 2:00 in the afternoon, the coaches of this club is to teach the owners of the pit bulls obedience commands, that is to say, a simple word like “sit” (sit down), “high”, “quiet”, “laid”, or to call them to come.

These words can make all the difference to the learning of the dog.

They also teach that it is necessary to congratulate the dog when they do what is asked of them; they were merely stroking the head while it is claimed that they did it very well. It is necessary that every day the owners will give them at least 10 minutes to repeat obedience commands.

Also, little details like toys, bite into a tire or a bone helps that the dogs are not estresen.

Another of the sessions that made through the skills of the dogs is the race. The pit bulls are very fast, so you can run long distances in just seconds or minutes. In national competition, the speed can help you get a trophy.

Other disciplines that also favors the dogs is the vertical climb, is that the pit bull terrier jumps through a table to achieve the presador or toy.

Some pit bulls who are experts in this discipline they can jump up to 4.10 meters in height. Many of the puppies of this association have earned trophies for achieving the maximum height in competition, this depends on the weight and structure of the dog.

The pitbulls have the ability to pull your body up to 3,600 pounds. The pulling (traction) is another of the disciplines, the dogs pull a wheeled vehicle loaded with stones or heavy objects. This exercise requires a lot of energy, so that at the end of the dog is exhausted.

There is one of the workouts in the that the dog can stay for hours hanging from a presador, the pit bull relaxes your body to occupy all of his force in the muscles of the jaw, with this technique the animals know that you only have to bite the presador or toy.

“We have currently added new modalities, that is to jump at a distance, this was not done here in Honduras, and also break freeand” explained Aguilar.

These dogs need exercise daily so that the energy that your body has not become aggressive. According to the coaches of the association, the pitbulls can’t stay tied because they feel pressured, and can become aggressive.

“The main idea we have is to change the perception of the people that these dogs are bad. The problem is how to raise them, the problem are the owners,” Garcia said.

The club also facilitates feeding tips for animals, they inform the participants about the breed of the pitbull and the right time so that the dogs can be crossed.

Also recommend to the owners of the pit bulls that do not use in female pets as a business (to sell the pups) because many of the buyers do not give them the necessary care.

Proof of this is that the association has found several of these animals in a poor state, walked dying in the streets of the country. Rescue is not an easy task because it represents an extra expense for a non-profit association.

Honduras has a Law on the Protection and Welfare of Animals Domestic, Wild and Captive, adopted in 2016.

The regulations mentions that the people who have this type of pets should take measures of care necessary not only to avoid the that are aggressive, but also to protect them and ensure that they live in the right conditions.

In the country the breeds of pitbull’s most well-known are the terrier, american staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, pitbull blue and red noses.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAvgXJZd7ZY&w=420&h=315]

There was a restriction on the tenure of some breeds

Although pitbulls are breeds tender and striking, were not always allowed in the country.

In the wake of incidents in which dogs of “strong races” attacked persons, including children, the Municipality of the Central District issued an ordinance prohibiting the possession of these dogs.

Since 2003, the possession of dogs of breeds such as american pitbull terrier, american staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier and dogo argentino was banned in the capital as aggressive.

In accordance with the associations of animal welfare, this ordinance is hereby abolished with the new Law on the Protection and Welfare of Animals Domestic, Wild and Captive.

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