Controversy, anonymous shelters for dogs in the center of Bernal – Perspective South

Polémica por anónimos refugios para perros en el centro de Bernal

During inclement weather, a neighbor restless Bernal agreed to build a precarious boxes of the type “shelter” for dogs of the street on the corner of Belgrano and 9 de Julio. This sparked controversy, with voices for and against the same.

After several days, the shelters are still intact. Not have a sign identifying that makes reference to any association for the protection of animals in particular, just a note that says: “please do not destroy or I pull out the only thing I have”.

In both the precarious constructions made with pallets, wood and bags of consortium, give shelter to the homeless animals, while some neighbors are concerned with putting food, water and a blanket. However, others expressed their discontent with them as they “disfigure the centre of Bernal and bring grime and bad smells. They are aesthetically unpleasant, they do not solve the problem hygiene and health of public space and also resolve the problem of stray dogs”.

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