The controversy surrounding the euthanasia of a rottweiler that attacked and caused serious … – Journal San Rafael

The controversy surrounding the euthanasia of a rottweiler that attacked and caused serious ... - Journal San Rafael 1

It all started last December, when the dog named “Connor” came out of the property where it was and pounced on a young girl walking with her mother on the public way. The minor suffered permanent deformation and loss of muscle mass in the face, while the woman had minor injuries caused by the same animal. The episode was denounced and gave rise to a cause that raised to judgment.
As a consequence of the first event, the owners of “Connor” he was handed over to a person who had a property and the necessary security measures for their tenure. So it was that from the Department of Zoonoses, it led the animal to that home. However, on June 5, the dog failed to have regard to such measures, went to a neighbouring house, and in it attacked a girl of 2 years, which also led to serious injuries, such as tooth loss. “The injuries put at risk the life of the victim”, secured from the office of the Prosecutor.
After the recurrence of the animal, the prosecutor Of Diego ordered a series of inquiries and reports that were in charge of Zoonoses, from which they concluded that “the animal was a potential risk to the people having carried out two attacks against minors”, therefore was advised to “take measures”. In a second conclusion, after further investigation on the part of Zoonoses, it was determined that “the animal was potentially dangerous,” and in that sense “suggested euthanasia”, as it is called scientifically-induced death.
Diego, with the report of Zoonoses at their disposal, he appealed to two other measures as potential alternatives to euthanasia suggested by this agency.
In the first place gave intervention to the Body of Dogs of the Police of Mendoza for the purposes of establishing whether that agency could be in charge of “Connor”. However, since the division dependent of Special forces responded, on August 7, that “it was not possible to such incorporation due to the dominant character of the dog and there was a risk of attack to the other animals in the team and even police officers to charge”.
On the other hand, Diego called for a trainer professional, who after analyzing it to “Connor” determined that “it was impossible that the animal could undergo a rehabilitation plan as a result of their aggressiveness, behavior, and in particular because the animal saw the children of his size and prey hunting and in the presence of a minor was going to attack him”. Furthermore, it considered that “under no circumstances could reinstate you to a social environment”.
With the previous reports, since the Administration claimed that “we gave intervention to three societies of animals with a legal personality in San Rafael”, such as Four Paws, humane Society of Animals and Plants, Association and Animal Culture.
From the three entities was rejected euthanasia as a measure (see aside). And since the Administration reported that “no organization was able to remove the dog from the place where it was for their aggression, nor is it received alternative proposals from these organizations.”
Finally, Diego, with the elements collected and detailed in this article, did rise to what was suggested by the Department of Zoonoses where they carried out the sacrifice of “Connor” under the use of anesthetics that “prevented all kinds of suffering”, they clarified. It is the first case at the local level.

The controversy surrounding the euthanasia of a rottweiler that attacked and caused serious ... - Journal San Rafael 2

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