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Saturday, September 23, 2017 · 06:28:00 p. m.

MENDOZA (Télam) – through a court order, a dog of breed rottweiler was euthanized on Friday after being attacked on two opportunities to two minors of age and a woman in the public right of way. The first fact that would have happened the last year after which, his owner, noticing the aggressive attitudes of the animal left in the Zoonosis of the Municipality.

Justice mendoza ordered to kill a dog of breed Rotwailer that caused them serious injuries on their faces, two girls of about two years of age, in two different facts that occurred in the city of mendoza, San Rafael, having not achieved the rehabilitation of the animal in various bodies consulted.

As reported on Thursday from the Justice, provincial of the order, already served, was given by the prosecutor of corrections San Rafael, Florencia De Diego, who gave rise to the suggestion by staff from the Zoonoses to be checked on the animal, «aggressiveness in their behavior and to see the children of his size as prey».

In December of last year, «the dog race Rotwailer name `Conan escaped his home and attacked on the public road, to a child one year and eight months that I was walking down the street, who caused a permanent deformation and mass loss in the face and minor injuries to the mother that walked next to her and tried to defend it,» he added.

Before this first episode, by decision of their owners, the animal was delivered to a person who possessed a place which complied with the safety measures relevant to their holding, after having been hosted on Zoonoses from the Municipality of San Rafael the time for protocol corresponds.

However, on the 5th of June last, the animal «weathered the security measures of the space where it was hosted, and returned to attack a girl neighbor of two years of age, to whom he caused serious wounds in the face: tooth loss, serious injury that put at risk the life of the victim», detailed from the office of the Prosecutor.

As reported this Thursday from the Public Prosecutor’s office, “requested reports and expert opinions to Zoonoses, an agency that reported that the animal was a risk to the people having carried out two attacks against minors and requested that measures be taken”.

In another report, as he explained, «the staff veterinarian of the Zoonoses concluded that the animal was potentially dangerous and suggested euthanasia, which gave intervention to the sections Dogs of the Police of Mendoza to add to this dependence, a proposal that was not possible “due to the dominant character of the dog.”

Among the measures taken by the prosecutor to avoid the sacrifice, «he turned to a trainer professional whose report determined that there was inability of the animal could undergo a rehabilitation plan as a result of their aggressiveness, their behavior and, in particular, because you see the children of his size as prey to hunt and gave intervention to three societies of animals that, while not endorsed the euthanasia, there was no alternative proposal”, indicated from the justice.

As reported, “the euthanasia was done last Friday by veterinarians Zoonoses, following strictly the relevant protocol”.

The Prosecutor’s office also reported that “the conditions of confinement in which there was the can offending against the dignity of any living being”.

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