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Staff of the commune is “raising” dogs street and then take them to the land that the Association Shelter Azuleño (ARK) has on Route 51. In this regard, the director of Inspection, Licensing and Responsible Pet ownership, Agustin Rodriguez, confirmed that 27 animals who gathered these days at the radio central and in the area of the Terminal. He also said that it is working in the dog runs, and seeks, each having its heardit. The intention is to give then up for adoption. Other opinions on the topic.

Este es el sector donde han sido ubicados los perros en esta chacra ubicada en el Ruta 51. Luego hay una parte con planchones de una construcción inconclusa.“Juanuca” dijo que está en contra de que haya animales en la calle, pero “la responsabilidad la tiene la gente que los tira y no castra”. JOSÉ BERGER

“Juanuca” he said that he is against animals in the street, but “the responsibility the people have the strip and not castra”. JOSEPH BERGER

The problem of dogs on the street is far from resolved in Blue.

The concern that come showing, from various sectors of the community, joined in now that, as of Monday, the Municipality is collecting animals that are found in the central sector and is leading to an area located on Route 51 where they are not yet given the necessary conditions for that are as applicable.

From that day, the municipal staff is performing operating in different public places, for example atms, taking the dogs loose in the street to protect them in these dog runs in the building located on the path, a few meters from Avenida Chaves.

This place belongs to the Association of Shelter Canine Azuleño (A. R. C.), a non-profit NGO that since 2013 rescues, recovers, and finally submitted for adoption stray dogs.

Controversial because the Municipality is collecting the dogs from the ... - Daily Time Blue 1

A. R. C. A. is an entity protectionist who works in this city and that is sustained by the will and the work of its members, and it solves with the collaboration of the community.

What is certain is that these entities are collapsing, it’s like the theme they went out of hands to all for the lack of a municipal policy would be that caused the proliferation of dogs in the street.

There have been millions of promises, false advertisements, and releases, plans that obviously were not.

Proof of this is the endless quantity that appears daily in the social networks of notices of animals that are given up for adoption, and people that ask for collaboration in the same sense and thus, are observed publications of neighbors that are bitches with their pups abandoned at different points of the city.

And meanwhile, the dogs that survive roam the streets, run and bark at bicycles, motorcycles and cars, which represents a real danger to them as to those who circulate. Much has been spoken on this issue and have also presented projects at the city Council with the goal of providing solutions to this issue, and have not solved anything.

The only ethical solution and is responsible for the neutering and responsible ownership. Has come perhaps the time to act seriously and not with patches.

Proliferation of the abandonment

One of the people who have it on their shoulders and takes care of abandoned dogs is Juana María Pourtalé, more commonly known as Juanuca.

She has charge of the household canine, “My refuge” from the past 25 years, takes care to protect dogs that are homeless and –in addition – castration.

Yesterday he spoke with this newspaper, expressed its concern at the state of the dogs that are brought to the centre and assured that “what we have to achieve is that they can be adopted with responsibility”.

In addition, he stressed that in Blue “there are fewer castrations, and more puppies and dogs in the street, many of which are abandoned in various places for others to take charge”.

He understood that in this have a responsibility to the neighbors desaprensivos who abandon their animals, and the municipality has to act.

“The shot”

He said that two months ago and means that it is neutering as it should be.

The veterinarians in charge of castrations and responsible ownership of animals are doctors Joseph Macaluso and Leandro Irigoyen, and the first one was licensed by health problems, while Irigoyen went on to play roles in the fridge.

Pourtalé also referred to the state of the building of the Route 51. “There are dog runs are chain link fences, the land of ARK’re a kid, you have nothing. Shot”, he said.

He said that he is against animals in the street, but “the responsibility the people have the strip and not castra”.

“For the castration to be effective, would have to be neuter between 25 and 30 dogs per day, and they were neutering 3 or 4”, he said finally.


To know that you are making the municipality to address this problem, this means consulted yesterday to Agustín Rodríguez, director of municipal Inspection, Licensing and Responsible Pet ownership, who reported that they collected 27 dogs from the central area of the Terminal, some of which were already wanted by their owners, discarding the versions that circulate on the pull in any clearing.

Assured that they are going to refurbish these dog runs in part of the estate of A. R. C. and that the dogs are well and told that the dog runs are being refurbished and the idea is that every dog has his heardit.

He pointed out that they are going to have dogs in this place and also in the Fruit tree orchard with the idea that they can be adopted.

It was also reported that currently they are making 4 castrations per day and the goal is to be able to do more and commented that they are working in conjunction with A. R. C. and they are using part of the property of the entity and not its dog runs of their own.

“Until the time is made 4 dog runs. And in the Technical School give us a hand and are building cuchas with drums. The idea is that every dog has his heardit, what happens is that we have not been able to go for climate issues”, stated the municipal clerk.

At the same time, and with the purpose of rescuing street dogs are rehabilitating the dog runs of the Monte Fruit also to rescue street dogs.
Told, in turn, that the food is donated by a local supermarket each month and said that while both are making 4 castration by day, Dr. Macaluso returned to work and there is another veterinarian.

Also reported that the national director of Responsible ownership would be coming next month to Blue with a mobile device for performing castrations in bulk.

They also anticipated that the municipality intends to perform castrations in the health units. Finally, he explained that “to the extent that you are getting the cuchas we will continue to collect dogs from the street”.


About what happened these last days, the Association Azuleña Protection (AAPA) reported to the community through the local media published the pictures of each dog (in this issue will appear to some) that “it was lifted up from the public highway and taken to a building located on Route 51”.

As indicated, the purpose is to ensure that “those who in their time gave him power or minimum care may give them a permanent home that ensures the responsible tenure as applicable”.

Stressed that “this work is a priority to protect the quality of life of these animals that unfortunately in this society the discard suffer because of the irresponsibility of a human being”.

Finally, through a statement released yesterday AAPA said that “if you know him, if you ever accompanied to the exit of the school, in a meeting with friends in any of our squares, or in the daily walks, don’t keep looking to another side, because they did not do so and today more than ever they need to make it a part of your family.”


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