Police continue to operating in the Chiquitania to capture … – Time

One week after the robbery, a shipment of Brinks, the operating of the elite groups of the Police, with the help of the Armed Forces have not ceased, because the security authorities show that the group of offenders continue in the Chiquitania of Santa Cruz. Despite the boot order of operating air, is not known to have initiated such that initially they had been discarded because the criminals would have long-range weapons.

The operations have been constant during eight days, although last Tuesday the minister of Government, Carlos Romero, has cleared the air patrols despite the fact that it is proven that the criminals possess weapons for military use and with a range of 3,000 meters.

However, unofficially it is known that the Police would have knowledge of the ranch where the anti-social, which would be captured in the following hours. It is known that the Police arrested yesterday four people in one of the requisitions that were made along the road that links Santa Cruz with Brazil, however, all were released to not show any connection with the robbers.

On the other hand, the director of the Society for the protection of Animals (Soprama), Sandro, Fernández, traveled to the Hacienda Laura, where took place the encounter between the robbers and the Police, to attend to the animals that were left to the elements after the abandonment of the criminals and in the absence of the owner of the property, the brazilian Mariano Tardelli.

According to Fernandez, the most worrying is a horse that suffered the impact of a projectile of large caliber in the right thigh during the shooting raised last Friday, however, there are other animals such as pigs, dogs and chickens which fed with the collaboration of veterinarians.

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