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Sunday, 20 August 2017 · 04:05:00.m.

In the last few weeks were news of attacks of dogs to young children. Such were severe, as the small required medical care and surgical intervention. From the Hospital Interzonal Children of Eva Perón (HINEP) is warned about this situation, which has alarming statistics.

Miguel Angel Morandini, director of care of the HINEP, commented that a month earn, on average, three guys with bites, important dogs. Per week are recorded two to three cases of “mild”; it could be scratches or ‘tarasconazos’, he said.

For the official, you should pay attention because it is about attacks that could be prevented. According to Morandini, in 95 % of dog attacks this is the pet of the house, and in 90% of these dogs are of the so-called “aggressive temperament”, or crosses of these.

The director considered that it should be common sense and responsibility at the time of the choice of a pet for the home. Such a choice is made by an adult, he said. At the same time, he warned that many times there are usually clashes between the child and the dog because “the child is a child and wants to play and the animal is an animal. The animal also has their rights. You don’t take care of itself.”

In addition, he warned that the smaller the child, the greater is the danger. Morandini noted that the animal, by instinct, attacking in the neck and in the face most of the time. When the boys are a bit more grandecitos and can defend themselves, they are attacked in the legs and arms.

The HINEP is the center of care pediatric reference in the Province and has a Service of Plastic Surgery and burns. Although at the beginning it was created to attend to the burnt, the service was extended by the demand because of attacks by canines. “We see a lot of dog bites on the face. Here you have the custom of making crosses of dogs, pitbull with dogo, and after they bite the children. The animal is not to blame because they have it tied up. A few days ago, we had a girl who had been attacked by a pitbull in a store. They always say that they are the dogs of the street but it is not so. The dog on the street wants to give you affection and something to eat,” had been warned on any opportunity from this Service.


A couple of weeks ago, a baby of a year he was admitted to HINEP after having been attacked by the dog of your house. The little one had serious injuries because her head had entered the muzzle of the can. This bite resulted in a skull fracture and a subdural hematoma. Fortunately, there were no intervenirlo surgically but had to remain several days in the hospital, first in the Therapy Unit to the Intermediate and then in the common room. Almost at the same time, it was also admitted another child attacked by a dog. In this case, the guy lost part of the nose, so it must undergo several reconstructive surgeries.

In the last week it heard the case of a 4 years old girl who was attacked by a pack of dogs in the department Bethlehem. In the attack, the dogs he mutilated a large part of one of his ears. The episode occurred last Sunday in the neighborhood of 36 homes in the city belicha and after the attack of the dogs she was admitted immediately.

Once at the hospital, the doctors confirmed that the attack the creature had suffered the mutilation of the upper part of his left ear.

Registration of dogs, pending

In August 2009, the city Council enacted Ordinance No. 4.627, which regulates the possession of potentially dangerous animals. It stipulates in its article 8 the creation of a Central Registry is Computerized, which must include any incident caused by dogs throughout his life and/or denounced by those who have been victims of these attacks. Such effects are style for every canine a registration sheet which will contain the data of the owner or holder, the characteristics husbandry of the animal that make possible their identification and their usual place of residence. However, at eight years of its entry into force, are not met.
In 2010, the commune’s capital had recognized the flaw in their implementation. By then, the Protective Association of Animals received about five cases of attacks by dogs and other 12 claims for dangerous dogs, abandoned.

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