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Since 2008, all the 27 of July is commemorated as the International Day of the Stray Dog. Those who want to protect the animals, come together to create collective consciousness and help all the animals in the street.

This date invited the population to become involved and to reflect about the plight of these abandoned animals, without a master and without a home. The homage was born from the initiative of Ignacio Gac, a journalist, a chilean, who promoted it all over Latin america through social networking and way to help, without involving the protest. It was established in the month of July as a matter of winter time, time in which the dogs are in the street due to low temperatures and exposed to contracting a disease.

The intent and purpose of this International Day of the Stray Dog is, first, to recognize the existence of these dogs in the street. And then, to help them in a concrete way, as well as giving insight into this problem.

To do this, and in favour of the cause, the societies of animals make journeys and advertisements about this topic, but most of all, commenting about the consequences of what can occur leaving a dog in the street and encouraging the adoption of these dogs.

In Argentina, currently 15 million animals live on the streets,
dogs and cats. Are born, live and die to the elements without knowing the warmth of a home. While that happens, you don’t stop growing the breeding of dogs, legal and clandestine, and the unfortunate idea of putting certain breeds that tend to be genetically altered to give it characteristics of goods, fashion.

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