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The Justice of the province of Mendoza ordered to kill a dog rottweiler that caused injury to two girls and the mom of one of them. The animal was not able to rehabilitate themselves and found it to be indomitable. The euthanasia was done last Friday.

According to what was published in Mdzol.com, attorney criminal San Rafael, Florencia De Diego, gave rise to the suggestion made by staff of Zoonoses. It was after checking that the animal had «aggressive behavior,» and that I saw «children of their size as prey».

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In December 2016, the dog –named Conan– escaped from his house and attacked him in the street to a baby girl of one year and eight months. Caused a permanent deformation and mass loss in the face. We also generated a minor injury to the mother, who tried to defend the small.

The dog was housed in Zoonoses from the Municipality of San Rafael, and then her owners decided to surrender him to a person who could have it in a place that comply with the necessary security measures. But in June, the dog escaped again and attacked another baby, two years old. It caused severe wounds in the face.

The Public Prosecutor’s office reported that «it is requested reports and expert opinions to Zoonoses, an agency that reported that the animal was a risk to the people having carried out two attacks against minors and requested that measures be taken».

«The veterinary staff from Zoonotic diseases concluded that the animal was potentially dangerous and suggested euthanasia, which gave intervention to the sections Dogs of the Police of Mendoza to add to this dependence, a proposal that was not possible due to the dominant character of the dog,» added the fiscal.

Another of the measures «ordered by the prosecutor to avoid the sacrifice» was to resort to a trainer professional. However, «its report found that there was inability of the animal could undergo a rehabilitation plan as a result of their aggressiveness, their behavior and, in particular, because you see the children of his size as prey to hunt.»

Also took the intervention of three societies of animals. «Although not endorsed the euthanasia, did not lead to any alternative proposal –pointed to the prosecutors–. The euthanasia was done last Friday by veterinarians Zoonoses, following strictly the relevant protocol».

Entities defenders of animal rights have expressed their repudiation. «We believe that was not the solution,» said Mariela Gatekeeper, of the group, 4-prong, in dialogue with Mdzradio. «The problem is not attacked the first time that happened. Not taken the appropriate security measures. The dog returned to the kennel from where it had been sold to another family,» said the woman.

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«We were asked to us, the protectionist, that evaluáramos the health and behavior of the animal. I can’t give that assessment because I’m not qualified to give a diagnosis,» continued the Portress.

To the query of what happens when there is an owner who takes on the commitment, the protectionist replied that «you have to charge the Municipality has to look for a place to contain that animal, you have to work in education. The solution is not to kill the dog.»

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