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In many locations missionaries are in force ordinances related to the responsible ownership and care of pets, however, this does not mean that the cases of violence animal are the order of the day. In municipalities such as Puerto Rico every weekend there are cases of killing, for example, of cats and chickens, which in part would be related to practices of “black magic and rituals in the area.”

The cruelty with which they act authors sparked the anger of the people. For example, the past weekend was a great shock to several families in the Neighborhood Las Heras of this town when, at dawn Sunday, they found their pet dead, apparently by poisoning.

As he was able to find out FIRST EDITION, were a total of fifteen pets, including dogs and cats from different families living in a space of three blocks of this populous and growing neighborhood.

It is suspected that it was a poisoning of some kind of chemicals with high residual effect. Consulted by this Newspaper, the neighbors will not be encouraged to indicate with certainty the perpetrator of the evil act and animal cruelty.

There were several families that lost their beloved pets for the weekend and, now, the fear is overtaking the neighborhood mainly for those that have pets, because the deaths could continue.

Do you use black magic?

Unfortunately are usual poisonings and dropouts in this town, but in recent times have noticed an increase of situations of deaths. Many locals as the link to rituals in which you would use the blood of pets and even parts of your body.

Leyla Cardozo, protectionist pets of Puerto Rico, commented on the FIRST EDITION that “there are specific dates, for example, in October, where the black cats and white are the chosen ones”.

This class of rituals is something that is replicated not only in Puerto Rico but also in other points of Missions. “It is public knowledge that in this city and in nearby locations, practiced black magic, as well as throughout the province. This is due to the ignorance and desperation of many, who resort to extreme solutions to diseases, love, or money, but do at the expense of what?, of animals that are not to blame for the human misery,” he protested Leyla.

To be in contact with other people who are dedicated to the rescue of urban animals in other municipalities, there were reports of cases that are extreme as what happened in Eldorado, where a cat was found without eyes. “Luckily he survived and it was a situation related to that cult,” said Leyla.

When unveiled this fact there were several people who commented to be witnesses of similar moments.

For their part who found this animal in its death throes turned her anger on the social networks. Enzo said that “to this beautiful cat, neutered angora abandoned without both of their eyes. I just want to know who was the murderer or that he removed their eyes, we resorted to several vets and they all told us the same thing ‘I get to do weird things like for example the famous shaman. Others say that they do cream’.What cream? with two ojitos chiquitos do you do cream or any evil? What do they have in the head that they do this? When you recover from your operation will be given up for adoption super responsible.” Another example of the cruelty towards animals.

On actions that can be taken in these cases, the protectionist stressed that “when I wanted to report to the Police, they told me to drop you at the exact time that makes the ritual, but as a changing place and makes them in remote areas it is impossible to do so.”

Without support

On the possibility of finding some kind of mediation at the municipal level, in Puerto Rico the animal protectors are disappointed with the current management.

“They rejected the draft ordinance that we had presented, both of responsible ownership such as non-fireworks with thunder, it appears that animals are not on the agenda of the mayor. Up to present notes to perform sterilizations sponsored, I was going to do everything for us and neither was no response,” he said.

The outlook for pets is not encouraging in this town, because “there is not a center of zoonoses nor perform surgery”, for those who can’t neuter the animals on your own.

At the provincial level, the various associations of protective of animals looking to be in contact and join forces in the face of complex cases.

“We work with the protective of the zone as the municipalities of Capioví, Ruiz de Montoya, Garden America, Montecarlo, Eldorado and Andrei. Now we join with Lodges and we want a network of protective Missions, we pass ordinances, projects, cases of abuse, we organize marches, for example, by the killing of dogs in Iguazu, and the horse impaled on a Garden,” said Leyla.

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