Prepare the National exhibition Patagonia Herefod and Angus – Journal Black River

Patagones will host the fifth National Exhibition Patagonian Hereford and Angus. The prominent event will take place from 6 to 10 September at the premises of the Rural Association, the organisers.

The activities will start on Wednesday 6 with a course of dog training. Will continue on Thursday 7 with the pledge of admission, and Friday 8 will be the jura sheep and cattle; while on Sunday the 10th will be the opening ceremony, lunch and from 14.30 hours will begin the traditional auction.

Every day families will enjoy booths, crafts, food court, games, music and live bands.

“It is the exposure more important of the Patagonia, because both the Association of Hereford like the Angus gave a national character to be the first time that both give this recognition to a contest”, said the president of the Association, Santiago Cévoli

The exhibition will include more than 300 animals among cattle, sheep and horses.


Canine Association Malaga

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