Prepare Brujos of Catemaco on the first Friday of march –

Prepare Brujos of Catemaco on the first Friday of march - 1

* Is the celebration more important for the providers of services, as arriving countless people to witness the rituals.

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Catemaco, Ver., February 19, 2017.- A whole range of activities will be held the First Friday of March”, the warlocks in Catemaco as they prepare for the most important event that highlights one of the customs more rooted in the municipality and is expected to be an economic spillover for the benefit of service providers, said the mayor Jorge Alberto González Azamar.

“We’re ready as a City to assist with cultural activities on Friday, third of march in the central park, just as the witches as they prepare for their rituals where people come from various parts of the country, it is a tradition recognized internationally.

“That day that the witches are preparing to perform the rituals of witchcraft, some in the presence of the public, as the so-called black mass, so that the date is special this first Friday of march, because there is the belief and the tradition that on this day, the energy of the Moon is greater,” he said.

He said the brujo mayor, Enrique Marthén Berdón, known as “The godchild”, has a shrine where they worship to Luzbel and a house of healing for all people who wish to go to.

The people that arrive to this enigmatic region, in particular, to this city, it is to ask for help to the witches, to drive away the bad vibes, ask for love and economic well-being.

This year, the black Mass will be held Friday, march 3, from 10:00 in the evening, in the colony Paradise 2, so that it is expected the visit of citizens, tourists, believers in witchcraft, the presence in this municipality, since Catemaco is considered as a place where there are witches more powerful at the national level.

Urge protectors of animals to avoid slaughter of animals
Days of the end of the month of February and is pointing towards one of the traditions that most attracts the domestic tourism and foreign to the region of The Tuxtlas, the “First Friday of March”, the date on which it is celebrated, witches, animal protection groups are already in dialogue for the authorities to prohibit the sacrifice of animals.

“This practice that very few wear out, which is the sacrifice of animals should be banned, after all it is also animal abuse, we talk about that even when it is a ‘tradition’ like the bulls in Tlacotalpan, should be prohibited and in some degree controlled by the authorities and punished those who use animals.

“There are still those who see in the animal sacrifice was a way of doing more real your event in addition to that the strangeness attracts more people, that is not the case, the abuse must be punished with all the law,” said Laura Rose, a member of the Ecological Association of Los Tuxtlas.

The humane ecologist commented that since some time ago, have been in problems, because the population refuses to accept that the law protects the animals, even if it is a tradition.

Pointed out that the state has had quite a lot of rejection of the Animal Protection Law, especially because the people you see in this type of events, a way to attract tourism and feel that changed the celebration to lose its charm.

He mentioned that one of the most famous cases was just Tlacotalpan, where gathered in support of other organizations to request that he will respect the law.

He explained that at these celebrations, the animals used are chickens, goats and cats, all of them very sought after especially if they are black, so I asked for those who have animals of this feature, which does not sell out to those who know that practice animal sacrifice on these dates.

Another humane being questioned about the celebration of the Day of Witches, the doctor Cecilia Martínez Ramírez, commented that these traditions should be banned.

“It has to be monitored, the authority must take the reins and citizens to report if they see something like that, in fact, should not be permitted,” he said.

Both protective of animals, agreed to request the population to support the work carried out animal protection groups, pointing out that it is essential that it is the same population who report: if you know of events where they perform for slaughter animals.

Prepare Brujos of Catemaco on the first Friday of march - 2

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