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Two of the three associations consulted by the School of animal Husbandry of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) to perform the Diagnosis zootechnical breeding of dogs in Costa Rica, they argue that their only role is to rotate the permits for the sale of the fry of race.

Therefore, assured The Nation that they are not responsible to ensure the functioning of its members, nor for the welfare of the animals that they may have, because “that is the work of Senasa”.

“What we are affixes, the name that you, as a breeder, you can put on to your parenting. We do not give permissions, but do we allow trade names to sell the livestock,” said William Rodriguez, president of the board of directors of the Cynological Association.

According to Rodriguez, the entity does not have the authority to review the physical facilities of its members, many of whom are people who have a single dog that is not for reproduction.

“They are not only nurseries, but also the breeders who in your home take a breeding. The vast majority of people do not have a kennel and do not live on that. In fact, of the 3,500 partners that we have across the country, not even 20% are breeders,” he explained.

Rodriguez commented that, with 47 years of existence, the Cynological is subject to the Federation Cynologique International (FCI), a company with 110 years of experience.

“People think that we do a beauty contest of dogs, but it is not so. Our judges select the best sires to effect of making the crosses responsible, say what you can cross and which ones are not,” emphasized Rodríguez.

Hugo Guzman, the president of the Association German Shepherd (Asoval), focused, especially, on dogs breed German shepherd, has a similar opinion.

“Of that universe of breeders –I do not speak only of the German shepherd– the great majority have their dogs in their homes. A cattery can be a person who has a single dog, then has it in her house,” he said.

Restricted permissions

It also said that the requirement to have animals in remote areas of the city –as requested by the National Service of Animal Health (Senasa) to authorize the operation of the hatcheries– it is a cause that many are not in rule.

“If a person has only one dog and wants to get in law, is going to the municipality and ask for a permission of use of soil, because that is one of the requirements of Senasa, but how are they going to authorize someone who lives in a residential neighborhood? Unless you live in a secluded place, you may not have in your home or canaries,” replied Guzman.

In contrast

Contrary to the criterion of these two associations, Ruben Rodriguez, president of the Federation Canine Costa Rica (ACAN), said that they receive only farms that are in compliance with Senasa.

“We have a lot of people who want to do farm with us, but he did not accept them because they do not have the permission of the institution. In fact, the only farm that we have recorded, is, strictly speaking, with Senasa,” said the representative.

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