FIRST held IN JAIL FOR the CRIME OF ABUSE … – Critical

“There are already attackers treading jail for animal abuse”: David Palafox

Hermosillo, September 9, 2017.- The abuser of the dog Max is already in prison, demonstrating that the efforts of animal protection organisations, citizens; as well as public servants such as the deputy David Palafox Celaya to create the law that criminalized the mistreatment of animal, they begin to give its fruits. So, thanks also to the joint work of law-enforcement authorities of investigation and the public ministry, Luis Fernando A. G. is in custody linked to the process, hoping it will make the criminal trial and sentencing for his vicious attack with a machete at the canine in question.

“This is an extremely transcendent and important to the history of our state, as it is the first time that there is a criminal proceedings against a person for acts of child abuse or animal cruelty,” said David Palafox.

“By the time it was issued remand for this subject, so that there are already people who are treading on the prison by aggression animal. Now, the requirement is respectful it is to the Judiciary that puts the interests of citizens in these cases of animal abuse,” said the legislator hermosillense.

It is worth mentioning that the detainee had open processes for assault and aggression (to people), something that confirms the claims of Palafox Celaya that “the attacks on animals are an unmistakable sign of social decay, since assaulting an animal surely or has already done or agredirán to people and will commit crimes sooner rather than later”.
FIRST held IN JAIL FOR the CRIME OF ABUSE ... - Critical 1
“Our recognition to the public prosecutor who took the case in the investigation, prosecution, and appropriation of the crime. Now it is up to the judge to resolve the benefit of the society,” reiterated David Palafox.

It should be recalled that months ago, gave a sanction to a person attacking another dog named Rocky, where it was agreed to not bring the case in court and agreed to a payment to the owner of the victim to pay the costs of the veterinarian who treated the animal. However this is the first time that there’s going to be a criminal trial against an abuser of animals.

To be found guilty the arrested person, it would have to face a prison sentence of 1 year and 2 months up to 3 years. “This is the result of work jointly by society and legislators have done since the Congress, now the child abuse or animal cruelty is a crime in the Penal Code of the State of Sonora,” said the deputy David Palafox.


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