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A strong disagreement broke out between members of the community for the protection of animals against neglect and negative toward the creation of an ordinance that regulates the responsible ownership of pets in the municipality of Eldorado.

“Each municipality must have an ordinance that regulates the specific situation of the place. Responsible ownership is a matter pending since the legislative municipal,” he said, in the meantime, Jorge Libutski, director of the Department of Veterinary and Zoonotic diseases in the locality.

“It is essential to have a legal tool to raise awareness and punish those neighbors who have their pets in a poor state, for a matter not only of right of the animals, but for public health,” says Graciela Villagra, president of Love Animal and advocate of the ordinance on responsible pet ownership in Puerto Iguazu, who in turn collaborates with the protest of the protectionist eldoradenses.

“Since five years ago I notes, until recently I was told that they are not going to do because it is impossible to make another ordinance until it returns an item that has the Ordinance 122 by the year 2010, that is the one that speaks of the registration of dogs. But that rule was never regulated. Then never said how it was going to be that record. And the judge of Fouls, he argued that for that reason could not be done, or an ordinance that is new,” said Diana Corti, coordinator of the Center for Zoonoses of Eldorado, FIRST EDITION.

“This upset me because the goal is much larger and is very necessary as to lock it by a nonsense of those. It’s an excuse silly to not have an ordinance that we allow animals to be healthy for families to be healthy”.

The problem

The World Health Organization (WHO) in one of his reports, posted on its web site, ensures that the overpopulation of domestic animals unattended or in situation of street, represents a risk to the health of the human population, as these animals are vectors of diseases such as: leishmaniasis, recognizing it as a tropical disease most underserved, emphasizing that in the world there are more than 12 million people are infected, with every year two million new cases. It also explains that the sectors most affected are low-income, representing a serious problem since the treatments are expensive; other diseases that also can transmit are the deratofitosis, toxoplasmosis, mycobacteriosis, salmonella, neurocysticercosis, etc, Against this context, associations of protective animals ensure indispensable that each municipality incorporate as policy, public awareness and responsible ownership of pets in the cities. “If we us to mind the good of the animals we would be working for a healthy environment”, said Villagra.

Never became a barrier to health

“We were one of the few municipalities that did not have leishmaniasis. But not made the barrier to health that was asking for -even from a council that had formed between protectionists and veterinarians years ago – asking that they not enter animal border are very infected with leishmaniasis. People kept bringing, buying dogs in Brazil that has a 90% infect us,” said Corti, adding that “at this time we are detecting, between the sceptre of zoonoses and the private veterinarians at the rate of three cases per week… there are neighborhoods that are very complicated with leishmaniasis”, he explained.

“They are impressive cases that we have of animals that are sick with leishmaniasis, and other diseases communicable to humans. And this is not visible, people are not well informed. Don’t know if the animal will not be desparasita every three months it becomes a potential carrier of diseases. Hence our insistence. In addition to that, animal abuse is far-fetched,” said Corti. “There are not enough inspectors. There is only one. And it is estimated that Eldorado has 50 thousand dogs. There is an overpopulation of animals. And we only with the center of zoonosis castrating 30 animals, that is what can be neuter, nor did we slow down a lot,” he complained.

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