Pro Animal Defense informed marraneras –

The grouping Pro Animal Defense, AC announced that it shall file a complaint against the owners of the marraneras who mistreat and leave the pigs to the banks of the creek The Bishop, in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

After a tour conducted by the area, Ivonne Esparza, a member of the civil association, said he already has the evidence and images to bring an indictment for violating the Animal Protection Law, State and federal.

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«We were invited by the municipality to observe the conditions of the animals, and here there are a number of regulations and laws for animal health, and should be reported and dealt with by the competent authority, we’re going to do it, in fact I already have the images and everything to interponerla.

«Here is to involve the people of animal protection state to see what applies, what penalties apply, but I understand that the topic is nothing more to relocate with the complaints of the neighbors, is to finish with the abuse that is taking place. Do not change of place, to eradicate it, so apply complaints definitely for the owners of this place, I believe that yes there may be penalties, forfeiture, and this is by health topic», revealed the spokesperson of Pro Defensa Animal, AC.

Then to accompany the mayor Héctor Castillo Olivares, the protective and defence of animals said the conditions in which he found the pigs, whose meat is put on sale for consumption.

«The animals here are in very bad conditions, of entry are in a state of abandonment, it is even State Law on Animal Protection, not only are the federal law of animal health, but also to the Animal Protection Law of the State.

«Here live in a risk zone, in a zone of abandonment, they live ill-treated, they have health problems that have an impact on the consumption of people of this product,» he said.

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