Propose creating guards veterinary 24 hours in Rio Grande – Infofueguina

Council member riograndense, Raul Von der Thusen, proposed to create the system of Guards, Veterinary, 24 hours with rotating shifts, which will have as its objective the veterinary care in the non-business hours -especially in the night time-.

According to informed official sources, the measure would imply the involvement of professional veterinarians who are enabled to exercise their profession in the Municipality of Rio Grande.

After the submission of the proposal, Von der Thusen explained: “This draft Ordinance aims to achieve that the veterinary of the city made 24-hour shifts as do the pharmacies, because we are convinced that animals have rights similar to humans in terms of their health and the possibility of living, which many times is dependent on a veterinary attention in time.”

In this sense, the councillor remarked: “This implies the participation of professionals veterinarians, in order to cover emergencies that occur in the overnight hours where there is no mandatory attendance any.”

Finally, the council member local confirmed that there is in folder of other projects that have to do with the care of the animals and the control of the dog population in the city, a task for which shall be called the protective and volunteers who want to work for the animals.

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