“PROTAMA leads castrated most of 1,750 pets in little more than a … – The Village of Leap

It comes new day of castration organized for the protection of Animals and Environment of Bella Union, PROTAMA. It will be in August.
This correspondent spoke with the president of the protective, Manuel Molina, who said to us: “The castration will be on Tuesday, August 15, at calle Wilson Ferreira 1471.
The animals to take them on an empty stomach, say about 8 hours give some food to the pet.
What we ask of owners is that to write with their pets for better organization.
Despite our incessant work from the protective and these days of castrations very economic, also we see every day in the streets bitches in heat. We have seen these days a bitch in heat in the center and around him about 15 dogs, creating a chaos in the streets of the center.”
He said then: “The people purchase a puppy boy as a pet for the child, and they forget that that animal will grow, and that the years will pass.
In many cases, as when the animal has its years, prefer to adopt another and leave aside to that animal that it came at an age when they are most in need of care of the family.
The dog happens to be a member of the family and as well as the child or grandparent gets sick, the animal is also ill and needs care. A lot of people don’t have heart. Bring another home and looking to get rid of that pet who lived with them for years.”
Protama have a small shelter where you live some pets. A high percentage of dogs and bitches that are there are old. Animals who already have their years and that they now require of reassurance and care.
Our shelter, I sometimes say to my lady, it resembles a geriatric canine since the vast majority of the animals that we have in place are already old.
They are the most loving of all, beyond a little bit of work they can give, but they are very caring”.
In response to our query about the number of castrations carried out by Protama told us: “Here I do not have exact figures but I can tell you that for three and half years that we began this work of castration with a veterinary doctor Mario Quinteros that comes from Montevideo.
Per year have been castrated, more or less, about 500 pets. If we are talking about three and a half years, we could speak of a figure more or less than 1750 pets neutered. For Bella Union, and the area means a huge number of castrations”.

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