Protectionist claim that they should be responsible in the purchase … – Chaco day By Day

Protectionist claim that they should be responsible in the purchase ... - Chaco day By Day 1

In statements to RADIO CITY, the president of the Protective Association of Animals from the Chaco, Silvia Rhodes, acknowledged that “it is still lacking the control that you have to have and people being irresponsible on some issues”.

“A month ago I had said that I was surprised that there are not more human victims for this type of attacks. In casuistry, every so many attacks one will be fatal. I don’t know what is the required number to the authorities and the people begin to be aware of this. There is a lack of awareness and analysis. While they continue in this situation, without controlling and regulating the breeding and trade of these races, the cases will continue,” he added.

Rhodes recalled that a dog should not be used as a safety element. “The animal is an animal. It is not a security tool. Not as serene or as an alarm. If you want to have an animal as a security first you need to be aware that first if you want to enter to steal, they will kill the dog and ended the security. That is to say that as security is not something very reliable,” he said.

“In the second place, add a dog with some degree of aggressiveness, and you do not take the time to educate you about who you can attack and who not. And the other issue is that the theme of letting animals of a size so important with a capacity of damage is so important, to leave him alone with kids or people very adult, I think that there is something that is not working in the head doing that”, she remarked.

“It is very common that we hear of cases of people who leave a second to the guys with their dogs and something happens. Or of people to soothe his conscience with his parents, he bought a pitbull or a rottwailler and leave. Like that the dog is tasked to give safety to their parents. And that is not so. There is to be a person with a certain temperance, physical strength and knowledge to handle these animals. So anything that comes out of basic standards that will bring sooner or later a problem,” said Rhodes.

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