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The killing of dogs in the Shoot, which had an impact at the national level, opened a path of dialogue with local authorities

Protectionist and city council members are drafting a new Ordinance - Chronic Digital 1

Protectionist and city council members are drafting a new Ordinance - Chronic Digital 2

Protectionist and city council members are drafting a new Ordinance - Chronic Digital 3

Protectionist and city council members are drafting a new Ordinance - Chronic Digital 4

Protectionist and city council members are drafting a new Ordinance - Chronic Digital 5

Then you know the fierce slaughter of animals that occurred in the town of Sarmiento, the media and associations of protective of animals from all over the country, expressed their repudiation, offering help and support. This visibility has opened a channel of dialogue between the humane «Animal Sarmiento Chubut”, municipal authorities and the city Council. The meetings began last week and will continue next Tuesday, August 22.

The secretary of Municipal Government, Martín Fernández and the deputy secretary Adela Pardo, received last Thursday to Liliana Jenks and Laura Goyeneche, representatives of the organization Animalistic Sarmiento Chubut to discuss and agree a joint work looking for a solution, that you leave behind the indiscriminate killing and re-running the campaigns of sterilization city.

They were also received by the block of justicialist Party of the Deliberative Council who are developing an ordinance that was described as functional, local and current, which give response to the issue you are having in regards to urban wildlife and leave behind the obsolete ordinance that allows the killing of animals when they are not required by their owners after 72 hours.

Representatives of the organization mascotera, in dialogue with the Chronicle, sought to highlight and thank especially the members of the block from the PJ to have been the only ones who received them. Affirm that neither the representatives of the bloc Radical, or of the Vecinalismo wanted to take part of the meeting, although do not rule out that next Tuesday, yes join in and make their contributions.

Doing a recount of what happened

In dialogue with one of the representatives of the organization –prefer not to give out their names individually– did a recount of what happened. He mentioned that every time they see the van from the municipal kennel by capturing animals in the public road, were given notice by social networks so that neighbors care for their pets. At that time, they drew attention, according to remember, the humongous amount of animals that moved from place to place.

«We called the attention the amount of dogs that moved and that made us to be the judge of fouls to propose you to let us take photos to give them in adoption,» said the protectionist. Not only obtained permission to photograph them but they began to appear adoptive families for the candidates. Were to Food on a Friday and asked them to come the day Monday for them. Monday-14 August– when they arrive at the building of Bromatology tell that they had been «all adopted», the answer to that, they drew attention and put on alert because it sounded like you were in front of a lie that was hiding something more serious.

Made public the denunciation on Facebook and a neighbor went up in response to a photo where there is a ditch full of dead dogs, among which were able to recognise several of them. «We knew that without proof of who had done the killing could not do anything but publicly that same Monday they called from all sides of the country to the quartermaster –Ricardo Britapaja– who denied knowing anything about it. The next day, Tuesday morning, Martín Fernández, secretary of Government, recognized that the killing was true, that ‘it had been by mistake’, in a local radio –Radio Genesis, we Believe that at that moment of maximum outrage, in addition to the image that speaks for itself, it is when we begin to receive the support of so many organizations across the country said the protectionist to Chronic.

And he added: «we Had adopters. How they were killed? That’s called evil. Only a government antithetical can do that. Is that Shoot is the one that we want?» he says with a burden of sadness and anger that still retains the representative of the organization Animalistic Sarmiento Chubut.

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