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One of the emblematic cases in which I act and supported the Police of the Province, was in the rescue of a mare, in the district Bosco III.

By its prompt intervention in several cases where it is required for urgent help to save the lives of several animals, the Police of the Province received the public recognition of different animal protectors “for always being willing to help protect different species at any given time suffered serious abuse”.

In this regard, Dr. Luciana Jimenez, a lawyer although specializing in Animal Law and regarding the Civil Association Although “The Montecito of the Canichones”, among other NGOS, protectionist, visited the Headquarters of the Central Police with the aim of “to thank its authorities for their invaluable collaboration in the very laudable task of helping with the rescue of animals in danger”.

One of the emblematic cases in which I act and supported the Police of the Province, was in the rescue of a mare, that was in very bad conditions of food and dehydration, operating in multiple departments police participated along with the animal protectors.

“The police authorities offered in both human resources as well as logistics for the rescue of the animal in the neighborhood Bosco III, to the west of the capital. The troops worked jointly with the Association protectionist for the execution of the judicial measure of resurfacing the address of where he was, and moving the mare to a safe place for his recovery,” said the lawyer.

Moreover, he added: “On that occasion we count with the support of the Police of the Province, whose officers attended immediately and accompanied the process of rescue. Involved effective of the Commissioner Fifth, Road Safety, and the Mounties, who were with the truck for the transfer of the animal, which is recovering favorably”.

The case

The Association Protectionist aware of the deplorable situation of the mare, through the social networks, specifically Facebook. It was when you initiated a formal complaint before the Prosecutor’s office to the command of Dr. jackson, where they gave knowledge about the lack of food, dehydration, and forced labour, a mare in the neighborhood Bosco III of this Capital city.

Under the National Law N° 14.346 “Ill-Treatment and Acts of Cruelty to Animals,” Dr. Jimenez start the court case, where days ago the Attorney Intervener ordered the raid and the rescue of the animal.

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