Protective of Horses will do a charity event tomorrow in Plaza … – The People of Jump

Cindy Verdala was in the Drafting of THE VILLAGE, accompanied by Ana Karen Besil and Monica Madariaga all members of the protection of animals, United By The Horses Jump that visited the Writing of THE PEOPLE, to give to know the “movida”, which will perform Sunday morning in the Square Thirty-Three to try to obtain funds for the institution, explained Verdala.

Verdala, Besil y Madatiaga en EL PUEBLO

Verdala, Besil and Madatiaga in THE VILLAGE

The institution is dedicated more than anything to cater to animals who are mistreated, sick, or when a person asks us for help or we find the animal enduring the rainy weather. It is worth to say that when a case is presented, especially of horses in poor conditions, come to take care of these animals.
In these moments, the problem has taken hold and growing worse, because many animals are left “loose” on the street, because people can’t carry. It is the case of many brick-makers who live near the river and now have had to move and have let their animals loose in the street.
While we are dedicated above all to the care of horses, also we provide dogs and other animals that are found in these conditions, he explained.
He expressed that one of the objectives that moves to the staging of this event is the desire to manage the legal status of the institution. The show will be met from 15 to 18 hours, and participate Marcelo Vives, Dita Carbone, Ruth and Sambó – Sambó.
We will have canteen, sale of products and we will also have piggy banks available to receive the donations from all the people that wish to collaborate with the institution.
Your time thinking about animals who are enduring the flood, we are asking if you can cooperate with rations for dogs and for horses.
In terms of activities that meet said usually comes when the owner of an animal requests or post something in this regard. We seek to speak with the owner and help in any way possible for the animal to recover.
We have to buy medicines, consult with vets and others. In regard to the form of financing the activities said that they have done raffles, and now the account has been opened for Abitab Not. 76025 and is in the name of UPLES.
The idea is to invite the population of Jump to participate and collaborate in the event, because also we will raffle some presents donated by the trade of salta.

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