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Protective of animals in Osorno concerned about animals ... - BioBioChile 1National

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Concern has been expressed by the humane Society of Osorno, for the families that have managed to find a new home for their family group, but not for their pets.

The concern comes after meetings between residents and the leaders of the committee itself Port Aravena, because they only authorize to carry with them a dog and a cat, adding to the sadness not knowing what will happen with the others as they in many cases have more than three pets.

From the humane Society Osvaldo Cea expressed that the neighbors have asked for help to deliver food to these pets, but unfortunately they do not have the resources. Even so, he said will be pending for such a situation to analyze the type of aid to be channeled with appropriate agencies.

Madeline Velasquez, the secretary of the Committee Port Aravena, confirmed that after the meetings of the committee decided that it will only be able to move two pets per family, with the aim that the new neighbourhood can be a place safe and clean and thus give greater peace of mind to those who will reside, ensuring that it is managed with the Serviu the adoption of the dogs that are left in the old camp.

From the department of Environment, Hygiene and Beautification of the Municipality of Osorno, Carlos Medina stated that they are concerned of these pets, so that they contact with the neighbors to continue working in the sterilization of both dogs and cats as well as in the process of adoption, for those who are already living in the population High Hope.

So far, we have managed to sterilize over 200 pets in the camp Port Aravena, so that they can be moved to their new home.

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