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Silent, sacrificial, necessary, commendable. There are many adjectives to define the work that you do every day the volunteers who support the great work of the humane Society Mario Gemelli. Not only with the care and protection that received more than 170 dogs that this organization offers shelter street Home on the way to the entrance to the highway 19, but with the dissemination and management of campaigns, castration, or rescue those animals that are sick or injured and unfortunately were abandoned.

Contrary to what many think, rescue or care for these animals is not their job nor their obligation. And have, like everyone, their families and obligations to attend to. “We are volunteers, we do it with love and not what we could do differently. There are things that have to do with the soul, the vocation and there are others that have to do with a remunerated activity”, explains Mariana Ghigo, president of the Protective.

Mariana ensures that you can become a volunteer, “change your life from all aspects; to work ad honorem for any institution makes one discover a reality that you didn’t see clearly or would not pay too much attention.” And summarizes: “to Intervene to see how they can change your life, rescue an animal and give a new opportunity is a miracle, fills us with the soul”.



The Protective fighting since more than 35 years ago to prevent hundreds of animals end up abandoned to their fate in the street. Many of those that we see on the street are taken to neuter by volunteers, and on the grounds of the refuge are home to all those who need care to recover, so that they can have a decent life and then to be adopted.

Thanks to the promotion of adoptions and castrations, at the premises of the Protector have managed to significantly lower the amount of animals there sheltered waiting for someone to adopt. They came to have up to 500 dogs. “The overcrowding meant that there were many fights, and contagiaran of diseases, but thanks to the work of castration , we were able to reduce the amount to have a decent life,” says Ghigo.

The ultimate goal is not to remain there, but to have a family. The volunteers know the behavior and characteristics of each one of them, so that each person gets to have a pet is oriented to be able to finalize the adoption according to the search and the characteristics of each animal. In addition, work in the socialization of the animals, so that everyone can learn how to relate.



The work of the volunteers was fundamental to the great improvement of the place in the last few years. “This property was a landfill and we changed the face. The last time we were able to invest in drainage and put in all the dog runs water to facilitate cleaning. Fix the tissues, the doors, retrofitting the electrical system where we keep supplies and food”, explains Mariana.

And the work of these volunteers is not limited to have this property in good condition and take care of the dogs that live there, but drive education and prevention campaigns to reduce the population of animals in the city, and so prevent many of them end up on the street. “It’s not going to solve the problems until we reduce the population, this implies neuter of preventive, early, and free. This way you will have less breakage of bags on the streets, less dropouts, less abuse, less transmission of diseases. In recent years it has been noticed that the low accident,” says Marian.



Control and socialization

Each of the animals in the “sheltering in place” is perfectly identifiable, because the process of socialization also consists in giving them names. “That is very important, in this way respond to, recognize their space and have a full life within the limitations that we have,” says Ghigo.

There are some that live loose in the place, but there are also those that are housed in different dog runs. The staff of the Protective separates them according to their features and control that they can coexist with their peers. Periodically rotate, so that everyone will be leaving in freedom. In addition there are specific days for you to do your walk, run, play and sociabilicen with the other animals within the premises.


Families seeking to adopt

The experience of families who come to the site looking to adopt a pet is amazing, » says Marian. «There are animals that many years ago that have no family and are adjusted an incredible way to be part of a new, this happens thanks to the work of socialization that performs Protective and that the animals are accustomed to permanently see people and guys on the campus,» he says.


The shelter needs more volunteers, and the need urgent. The money is what is most scarce for the medical care of the animals, because the balanced food they consume the biggest part of the budget. Those interested can come to the campus to meet the needs of the animals. You can also collaborate as partners, providing a fee of only 60 pesos per month. More information on the Facebook “Mario Gemelli”.

Protectora de Animales: una tarea imprescindible

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