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Organizations and protectors of animals in Puebla welcomed new penalties approved by the Municipality of Puebla against animal abuse, and considered wise that has led to the use of the muzzle to certain breeds of dogs classified as “vicious”.

In an interview with the CENTRAL, the representatives of the associations they hoped that the new reforms to Article 27 of the COREMUN be applied through the timely attention to complaints.

The representatives of «Leaving traces» and the Association for the protection of pet Animals (tablet pc), consulted by this newspaper, agreed that rather the challenge will be in the authorities to achieve an effective mechanism of complaint and timely care.

Was the 19th of may, when acting by unanimity the Cabildo of Puebla approved a new tab of healings, which aims to punish those who get out to walk dogs, fierce” without a muzzle, to occupy the animal for fighting or circus performances, as well as sell them on the public roads, the fines ranging from 5 thousand to more than 1 million pesos.

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For the representative of the organization, «making a Mark», Leticia Gallardo, the increase of penalties will slow the number of abuses against animals.

People are going to try to generate more careful not to commit offences. Have a warning for you to comply with the provisions, as happened in the case of the fotomultas».

Among the positive points considered are the acts of bestiality as a grave breach and the regulation of establishments of veterinary.

Although he said that it described an animal as a «fierce» was also added to the concept of «sentient beings» in that they recognize their rights as humans.

Now what follows is the tricky part: to have the administrative structure that generates the protocols of the complaints, carry out inspections and make follow-ups that eventually lead to implement the sanctions.»

Before the scandal that led to the obligation of the use of the muzzle in ferocious animals, Luz Elena Calderon of the Association for the protection of pet Animals (EPAD) Puebla noted that it is positive and that the legislation is only specific that it is directed to an animal that is not achieved be controlled in the public right of way.

The Law mentions the use of the muzzle and not only that, but a strap and plate. But it is understood that it is only for animals that do not socialize, and adds that any damage caused to third parties the owner is responsible».

Although he admitted that there are a list of pet-friendly fierce, asked not to demonize any of the races, as each reacts according to their education, or housing situation.

The dog is put in a position of attack is because they have never had human treatment. There are times that these animals can not heal and never let it get to you. The associations we know that inadaptables and is not given in adoption to any family.»

Elena Calderón passed that part of the sanctions are detentions for hours and the granting of responsibility to the owners of their pets during periods of vaccination and sterilization.

In turn, Leticia Gallardo said each pet is formed from the stimuli of their human family, with those who feel fear, in my conscience, or antisocial.

Erika Hevia Reyes, protective independent of animals, made a call to the authorities so that the new laws will speed up punishment to the perpetrators of pets.

The processes are slow. A few weeks ago we attended the case of a puppy who was killed in a house from a fourth floor (…) more than 25 days it took to make the demand and is still ongoing».

The activist clarified that now that they are more punishable sanctions, the municipal government should focus on campaigns to snooze the complaint of animal abuse and report how the process is.

Currently, assessed with a five unemployment from the department of Animal Protection of the municipality of Puebla because it has been reluctant to ignore some cases in spite of the evidence in video and photography.

In that department already does not do case to us. No longer want to work, so I’m telling you. In the unit the workers are only aware of your cell phone».

In 2016, he explained, to his independent group of support had two times a month to do a campaign of sterilization with more than 100 vaccines. Currently managed 5 processes for the animals.

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