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The case of the osa Eva, housed in the zoo of salto, has been in the last few months the subject of a great controversy, as many activists are demanding that approval of the transfer of the animal to a sanctuary in the US, as until now it has not been approved.

In an attempt to improve the situation of the plantigrade stance, the Association of Protectors of Animals of Uruguay (APAU), resolved the purchase and installation of air conditioning equipment to the osa Eva.

According to the newspaper Daily local Change, it is a team of 12 thousand BTU that will help the animal -originating from latitudes cooler – to cope with the hot summer of salta, where the temperatures can reach and even exceed 40 degrees.

The Protective and Defence of the Animals Jump (PRODEA), was responsible for performing the efforts and connections with the park’s Jump to the purchase of the equipment, which is already installed.

Dr. Ana Quintán, Chairwoman of PRODEA, said the cited means that it is one of the actions that go towards the goal of a radical change in the zoos in the country.

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