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But in Cartagena it is held the decision of the Superior Court of Bolivar, who ordered the District to replace, in three months, all the vehicles of animal traction in the city, comes a big question: What will happen to all those horses and donkeys that pulled carts, and are subjected to heavy loads and strenuous days of work?

Faced with the question that many animalists and citizens, ElUniversal.com.co contacted the director of the Municipal Unit of Agricultural Technical Assistance (Umata), to know the plan of action and the path of care that is expected with the animals.

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Alfredo Yepes Rivers, director of the entity, explained that «once you replace this type of vehicle, the animals will be valued by veterinary surgeons and taken to shelters, and to subsequently hand them over for adoption just their physical condition and health are stable. Provide them with all the technical support and attention; we will ensure their maintenance, and power».

In Cartagena, it is contemplated to bring them to an area in the village of Bayunca, and in the rural area, would be relocated to Santa Rosa or Turbaco, according to the official said.


The animalists of Cartagena called on the Mayor to comply with the law and draw up a roadmap to protect these animals, which for many years have been abused in the city.

«They have to go to quarantine, and must be characterized, providing a prospective adoptive parent according to the state of health of each one, evaluate well who are the going to give. We ask the District to comply with the law, as well as require the citizen to comply, that the donkeys and horses made by the examinations of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) to prevent any illness they have and do not contaminate the sites where they will be taken away. In the city we’re late to start this process», noted Maria Victoria Dezubiría Piñeres, of the humane Society.

In addition, activists are demanding that the animals that are in the municipalities of Cartagena are also retired, and once to replace the vehicles were issued the decree prohibiting the circulation of the same, as already happens in other cities of the country, such as Medellin.

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