Raccoon with rabies it generates alert in the city of NJ – Telemundo New York

NEW JERSRY – A city of New Jersey is asking its residents to stay alert after a raccoon to be positive for rabies.

The Animal Control Division of the Township of Woodbridge responded to a report of a raccoon acting abnormally during the day near Greco Lane in Woodbridge.

The authorities said that the daytime activity in raccoons is abnormal, because these animals are nocturnal creatures.

An officer of animal control managed to capture killed the raccoon, although it is not clear how she died-the animal.

The remains of the raccoon were sent to a laboratory for analysis. The results were positive for rabies, authorities said.

Officials with animal control said that there is no evidence that the raccoon sick have come into contact with a person or pets in the area.

However, the people who think they might have been in contact with the animal should call their local health department.

Sightings of rabid animals in the tri-state have been common in recent years. According to the Society for the protection of Animals, creatures who are sick can show a variety of symptoms, including foaming at the mouth and aggressive behavior, and disoriented.

The rabies virus infects the central nervous system of the animal, which affects their brain and causes death.

The first symptoms of rabies in humans include fever, headache, general weakness and malaise, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

If you think that a wild animal or pet has contracted rabies, you should call your health department or animal control local.

Any person bitten by a rabid animal should clean the wound and seek medical attention immediately.

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