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Planned to start in Motupe by the overpopulation of animals on the site.

To prevent the overpopulation of dogs the foundation Sky Animal will be the first campaign of free sterilization in the neighborhood Motupe. To fulfill its goal requires the collection of 4 thousand dollars, the amount you expect to add through a campaign.

The pre-launch of the campaign was held yesterday in the Park of Santo Domingo, where, with the support of the Foundation Mission Smile activities were carried out balloon twisting for the children at the time were adoptions of dogs and the sale of necklaces.

The official launch of the campaign will be on Thursday 6 July at 20:00 in Seeding Bar with guest artists that you will support this noble cause.


Diana Aguilar, a member of Heaven Animal, explains that they have decided to start in Motupe by the overpopulation of animals on the site. Indicates that the sterilization will be completely free after an economic analysis of the family.

In addition, sterilized dogs community which are fed by several neighbors. With the support of the Foundation for the protection of Animals (ARK) of Cuenca to perform the operation that start in this neighborhood and then go to other sectors, such as Red earth, Samana, Carigán, where people can’t take their pets to the vet.


Jose Luis Luzuriaga, volunteer, Sky Animal, invites people to support with funds so that it can meet the target, in addition to requesting support to cover the costs of veterinary medicine, points out that home Saturday to receive donations of food, blankets and more in the Plaza of Santo Domingo in hours from 10:00 to 16:00. (GAM)

The data

You can make your contribution to the savings account of the Bank of Loja 2902131808.

To know

Details of the campaign

It seeks to sterilize free of charge to 100 dogs in the neighborhood Motupe.

Need to collect 4 thousand dollars.

Thursday, July 6, will be the official launch of the campaign in Seeding Bar.

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