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[THREE ARRESTED] Affected followed in the footsteps and gave one of the involved. He asked for support to the humane Society

Ranquino demand justice against against rustlers who quartered heifer pregnant with your property

By DiarioLagoRanco, June 15, 2017

Surprised by the cruelty with which he acted a group “against rustlers” is a farmer of the sector Tringlo B of Lake Ranco, the last Tuesday 13 of June he found one of his heifers dismembered and her calf, that yet was not born, died with his mother.

Journal Ranco Lake communicated with the affected, Leonardo Mera, who pointed out that come up to the last court instances by the rustling of which he was the victim and also by the cruelty with which they performed the 4 subjects that would have killed your heifer is pregnant, then steal their meat, and that he managed to identify after you follow the footprints and tracks left in their flight.

Mere told that the fact would have occurred on the 12th of June, but he noticed newly a day after when he went out to give fodder to their animals. That day he had to go out of town and was late to feed his animals, when warned of the presence of a large lump close to the fence that faces the street, approached and found the heartbreaking scene of the heifer faenada and her calf, also dead, next to her.

“The heifer was close to calving, and by all the traces that are there are note that the lacearon against a tree and let go, the should have stabbed him then and there and this is dragged down because there is a puddle of blood above, and was killed while in paris,” he told Daily Ranco Lake.


He followed the footprints that they left in all its flight with the animal, so in addition to the data delivered by neighbors, she was allowed to give with the whereabouts of at least three persons responsible for this act. He called Police, who found the meat faenada in the house of one of the detainees.

Leonardo went this morning to the control of detention of the three detainees by this fact and hopes that justice is done, in addition to pointed out that it is in contact with a humane Society for advice by the cruelty with which he committed this rustling.

Took advantage of the occasion to make a call to the authorities, since the last time the sector has been the victim of the theft of animals. “The neighbors almost do not report because they know that these guys are not going to happen, or because sometimes they are afraid, but I’m not afraid and I will do whatever is necessary to see that justice is done. Is not to reach and get in private property and kill our animals,” she said.

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