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There are many people who feel fear when crossed with a mouse or a rat. It is known that these animals can be transmitters of diseases, but there are rats and mice that have carved a niche as pets.

Mice and rats are domestic are not transmitters of diseases that are more dangerous than dogs, cats or rabbits, » says Kerstin Klitzsch, of the Association proMaus in Germany.

The predecessors of the mouse and rat home from Asia, from the area of Siberia and of China.

When living free in the wild, rodents make tunnels under the ground. That’s why, when we are at home we must provide them with a cage in which they can take refuge in the dark.

«The minimum measurements of a cage for between two and four rats are 80 centimeters high and 150 centimeters long and 50 centimeters deep,» explains Marion Steinbach, the Association for the protection of Animals in Germany.

As a minimum, for between two and three mice have to have a space of about 60 by 30 centimeters, and a height of 30.

For the mice serves as an aquarium or a terrarium, but should not be too high so that the air can circulate. Cages bars are more appropriate, however.

In the case of rats, the distance between the bars must be 1.5 inches as maximum.

Mice and rats home they also love to climb and play. To satisfy this need and make their cage an interesting place for them, you can prepare it with any type of house wood interior, with stairs and with branches.

But despite all of this, rats need to get out of the cage and wander around. Be careful because because they love eseconderse and disappear through the holes smaller.

«Rat, my son got a once in a slot of the bed and could not then leave,» says Johanna Bauer.

In what food is concerned, do not have too many problems. Among their staple foods are mixtures of cereals and grain. They also eat leaves of lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, apples, strawberries or bananas.

«The rats also really like potatoes, rice and pasta,» says Steinbach. But as fat easily, you should not eat a lot.

The teeth of rodents grow throughout their life, so they need hard things that they can gnaw on to water them down. «They go well with the branches or the bread hard,» advises Kerstin Klitzsch. And next to the food should always have water.

In the wild, these animals live in families, and also at home must be accompanied by other congeners. In the case of mice, females and males may live without problems are always together and when the males arrive new are not yet sexually mature.

Among them, the males will fight. And have together females and entire males are not advised because there may be a flood of small rodents. Mice and rats can live for up to three years.

Anyone who wants to have them at home, you should take into account that are very active at night. Usually play then or very early in the morning. If the owner paid a lot of attention, will become very tame. Rats are well known for establishing a close relationship with their owners.

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