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Los Mochis, Sin.- With the main objective to raise funds to support the Association ‘Angels with Paws’ and the Protective Association of Animals, the Hotel Ibis has ratified the morning of this Thursday at wheel media, the invitation to Walk canine ‘Happy Dog’, to be held next Sunday, July 23. As was announced by his manager, Fabian Elijah Jury:

“We have a distinctive Socially Responsible Company, and this time we wanted to do something for the animals; we decided to do a hike on the 23rd of July for the National Day of the Stray Dog is held a day before, that’s why we picked this date, and we selected two agencies: the Protective Association of Animals from Los Mochis, and the other is the Association of Angels with Paws. The purpose of this walk is that everything that we raise will be donated to the partnerships, in-kind”.

Claudia Moya, president of ‘Angels with paws’, and the veterinarian Fernando Murrieta, spoke about the needs of the Association, and some indications for the event, of way respective:

“We want to equipment for sterilization, because a lot of people will abandon their animals, and with the sterilization you want to lessen the problem. We have advanced so much in this little time, and we have animals for adoption that are going to be on the walk for people who want to adopt,” said Moya.

We’re going to have centers of hydration every 600 meters for the shorties, to avoid heat shocks. Something that we’re going to to indicate that handle yoke and not the collar, as the dog pants to cool down, and with the same collar on the pull it can drown, or help that does not breathe as well as it should,” said Murrieta.

The cost of registration is 150 pesos, and a kilogram of food (goal of 1 ton), to obtain the kit which consists of a backpack with t-shirt dry fit for the pet owner, a bandana for the dog and a bag for stool; it should be noted that at the end of the walk will be awarded commemorative medal.

The walk will start on 23 July at 07:00 hours to the outskirts of Hotel Ibis; take the boulevard Rosales to Independence, and return by the same Rose bushes, back to the hotel, which will complete the journey of 3 kilometres.

So far they have been little more than a hundred people, but expected 300, as your space is limited. The records can be made at Hotel Ibis.


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