Reaffirmed the rights of animals in Oberá – First Edition

The Protective Association of Animals “Huellitas del Monte,” reaffirmed the rights of animals in the framework of the activities developed by the Municipal Direction of Environmental Sanitation, in the Day of the Animal. Parade of pets, vaccination and deworming free of charge, was part of the programme carried out in small Square Falklands.

“We decided to place ourselves in a place of struggle. In reality this day is commemorated in memory of Ignacio Lucas Albarracín, the propellant of the first Law that addresses the rights of animals, in addition he was the founder of the first Protector of the country. So from there we want on this day to do honor to what we really ought to highlight,” he FIRST EDITION Analía Poszed, a member of the Association.

According to the solidarity group, the permanent defenders of animals, then of perform tasks such as parades of pets in the celebrations above, “we realized that many times the pets ran poorly, estresaban, was not a benefit for them, so we think if all the days in the year we fight for their rights, why not do it also in this special day,” he said.

With a stand distinctive advantage of to inform, raise awareness. “We insist with responsible pet ownership, but also to fight for the abandoned animals. We boarded as well this day because we believe that it takes a lot to celebrate. We want the society to commit more, not frivolizar the day. It makes No sense that agasaje my pet, if my neighbor mistreats his own, if I see that someone has their dog tied up in a bad state and will never denounce it, having the tools to do it,” he said.

“If we’re going to celebrate, let’s look at that we do for them. We decided today to reaffirm their rights, that respect, are our ideals”. The Protective meets every Monday in Casa del Bicentenario at 20.

Animal Health centre

For their part, staff of the Directorate of Environmental Sanitation, organised a series of activities that included a parade, contests, publicize lost pets, tips for responsible ownership, among others.

“We took the opportunity to raise awareness, so that between all we can avoid the abuse. There are professionals for vaccinations, desparasitaciones, eventually test for leishmaniasis if there is any suspect animal and take it in turns to surgical sterilization free of charge that makes all the weeks in the Centre”, explained Herbert Castellanos, the owner of the area.

The veterinarian stated that the neighbors are making use of the ordinance through which they can report cases of abuse. “People respond, we worked hard to draft the standard. Our role is not to punish but to raise awareness and educate, that’s why we do talks in schools and have permanent tasks in that regard.”

Finally he stressed the importance of the castration of the animal.

“In the long run if we maintain at the time of the castration, we will have a major impact on births, to prevent abandoned animals and have a population control”, concluded.

The Care Center Animal, works in the morning and in the evening, with two shifts of employees and professionals. Daily is performed, vaccination and deworming free of charge. In addition to the Monday afternoon awarded shifts for sterilization.

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