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The director of Controls and Environment of the municipality of Realicó, Mario Milanesi, said that the commune is responsible for the controls on the public highway, but here there is a citizen engagement on the part of the neighbors.
“When there is a show on the public road the dogs follow the owners and you have 30 canes in the center”. So he replied to the officer after the episode in which a dog attacked a child last Sunday in front of the local church. Milanesi claimed by owners animals.
The official community pointed out that the dogs are in public places you will be taken to the shelter ARAA, entity for the protection of animals. “If any of these animals have owner will have to communicate with the municipality or the members of ARAA to be delivered”.
Milanesi added that the Sunday prior to the feast that was held in the plaza on the eve of the anniversary of Realicó, “there were four or five dogs that are always in that place. I saw a picture of the animal that attacked the child and is not the one who dwells permanently in those places. Has followed its owner from any quarter, and unfortunately he attacked that child.”

More dog runs.
It is also reported that they are working together with the members of ARAA to build more dog runs in the shelter and these animals will be moved to that sector. “We are working on the program called responsible ownership of domestic animals, was carried out rabies vaccination, castration, have been dewormed. We know the problem and we are not responsible, but when we talk about responsible ownership and the animal must be in the owner’s home and on the loose in the public spectacle when they gather hundreds of families”
“On Sunday there were many people in the plaza and there were about 30 dogs that are not walking normally. Is not responsible the municipality of those animals and when the neighbor is going to a party, the dog has to stay in the house,” she remarked.
For its part, yesterday a postman complained to this correspondent that he was attacked by a dog that has an owner and was loose in the public highway.

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