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Will “Pulgatón” next Sunday in Guaymas North; they invite people to bring their pets to be vaccinated.

Guaymas, Sonora.- To continue with the prevention of disease transmission animal as the rickettsia, it will perform a “Pulgatón” this coming Sunday, September 10 in the primary school “Antonio Montes Garcia,” said Patricia Ruiz Bustamante; the director of Municipal Health pointed out that the day medical animal will be done in coordination with the Society a Benefactor and Protector of Animals San Carlos (SBPA), which will not have any cost to the people who bring their pets to be vaccinated.

Ruiz Bustamante argued that the hours of operation will be from 9:00 a.m. to 13:00 hours, where those interested can bring their dogs and cats for the application of vaccines invermectina against rabies, ticks and other internal parasites.

He added that each month you will be making a “Pulgatón” in the various sectors of the port to continue with the preventive standing of the rickettsia.

He stressed the support of the Secretary of Health State of work in coordination with the City of Guaymas to offer this type of animal health services to the community guaymense.

It should be noted that during the present city administration headed by the mayor Lorenzo Top Dworak, has made about 14 thousand actions for the prevention of rickettsia.

Will “Pulgatón” Sunday in Guaymas North - Arial (press Release) (blog) 1

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