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Santa Clara, 4 jun (ACN) The remodeling of the cages, lifting of fencing around the perimeter and the creation of new exhibition spaces, are some of the constructive work that is running in the park zoo Camilo Cienfuegos, Santa Clara.
These tasks have the purpose of providing visitors with a more modern vision of the installation and to allow greater comfort to the nearly 500 animals that are exhibited in the precincts.
Rosa Maria Miranda Linares, director of the zoo, explained to the ACN that the system is already required for these activities to repair and enhance many spaces, which showed some deterioration.
He added that it also needed to rearrange the location of the species, and increasing the heritage of the centre’s animals with the aim of offering a better service to visitors.
To support community programs and social of the park to build a room of virtual games in which they will be exhibited were related to wildlife, their care and management, referred to.
Among the tasks that are already almost completed figure cage Macaw Real, in the center of the park, where previously the hutias, he explained.
Miranda Linares added that the specialists of the Company of communal Services drained the pool of the hippopotami, and we provided clean water.
Although these animals prefer sites in muddy and murky waters, as you need the change and cleaning of the enclosure for maintaining standards of hygiene required by the technical standards of their breeding in captivity and to avoid diseases, he said.
He stressed that among the tasks prioritized is the location of delimiters, or a fence of lesser height that are located between the fence protective of the animals and the public, to control, to the extent possible, the indiscipline of the visitors.
The specialist stressed that with the restructuring of trails, completion of the señaléticas and the protective barriers, are expected to decrease the harm and abuse of some people to animals.
They are already planted more than 400 new ornamental plants, which give an image very pleasant to the place, he said.
Caregivers and veterinary technicians at the center told the ACN that during the length of the work many of the animals are located in the quarantine zone, and others are grouped by species as is the case of birds.
This situation requires a greater control in the handling of the animals can get sick from the stress they are subjected to in these moments, they say.

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