Receive NGO 50 complaints a day for animal abuse – 24-hour

Every day, associations of protective of animals of the City of Mexico receive between 40 and 50 complaints on any case of accident, violence or animal abuse.

However, although the civil society organizations registered up to 50 cases per day, (according to various NGOS consulted by 24 HOURS) the Office of Environmental and land use planning (PAOT) received only 600 during 2015, i.e. 50 per month; while in 2016, recorded at 1080, equivalent to 90 per month, an increase of 80%.

According to Norma Huerta, director of World Patitas B.C., in the cases of violence animal that attends, those responsible are aggressive people who also abused his family.

“When we attend to a case where the responsible is a man, is also beats his children or his wife. In the event that a woman is the aggressor, is hitting children, even in some cases hit her husband,” said the activist in an interview for 24 HOURS.

Huerta explained that the association that directs receives 40 complaints a day, on average; however, it can only serve around five cases per day, due to the lack of resources to carry out rescues and, in some cases, the complainants lack of evidence or do not want to get involved in the legal process.

Medical malpractice

One of the cases of possible child abuse disseminated through Facebook, is the of Fudul, a dog who was hospitalized last march 30 for blood studies and x-ray. A day after he was admitted to surgery for a hernia peri-anal, you obstruct the power to defecate, but, according to his owner, the canine died due to medical negligence.

“The vets I received a phone call saying that all was well, that it was only a matter of Fudul to wake up from the anesthesia. After four hours of surgery mark me saying that Fudul is not awake, breathing but is not conscious and that they would stay all night watching it,” said Fanny Carrillo in a publication in the social network.

The victim said that the next day drove to the veterinary hospital located in the colonia San José de los Cedros, Cuajimalpa, which was closed; however, from the street heard the dog moaning and azotándose.

“I called the vets and they told me that it would arrive in 10 minutes, but it took them more than an hour, approximately.”, he stated the owner of Fudul.

Later, the veterinarians identified as Juan Carlos and Carlos Yair, this last with a writ apocryphal, according to the owner, medicaron to Fudul, but he went into cardiac arrest and died instantly.

According to the Law for Protection of Animals of the City of Mexico, in force since 2002, is considered as abuse “any fact, act or omission that may result in pain, suffering, endanger life, or that affect animal welfare, as well as “not to provide medical care to veterinary when you need it.”


90% of the cases that are reported on animal abuse involving canines (dogs)

80% of animal abuse occurs in the home, by people who have a profile violent

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